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This wiki contains guild information and operating procedures, game play guides and reference material, as well as social stuff for Dark Siege guild members and our friends and allies. You're welcome to browse around, and you'll find help on how to use this wiki in Wiki Help.


It's a wiki! It's intended to be updated, expanded and fine tuned by it's members. Join the wiki and request moderator access from Levinia or MsClaire, and you'll be able to be a contributor here.

Don't worry if you make mistakes - the wiki is version controlled, and any page can be rolled back to a previous version.

Getting Started

The best way to get started it to browse around and take a look at what is here. This wiki contains the following major sections:

Section Description
Guild An overview of the Guild, with detail on it's Leadership, Ranks, operations and procedures.
Guild Rules Specifics on Guild Rules and Guild Principles
Guild Departments Information about different Guild Departments.
Game Play Guides and reference material related to Game Play
Social Social stuff like humor, avatar galleries and role play.
Help Help on how to use this wiki, and standards for authoring pages.

General Guides

Guild Equipment Stats Game Play How-to PvP Other
Basic Rules - Principles - Alliances - Communications - Guild Donations Equipment Stats Tutorial Leveling - Questing Firefox Guild Life - Resources - Landenor's FSP Guide
Intermediate Ranks - Leadership Hunt Planner Buff Guide Potion Guide Farming - Relics Game Time Bounty Hunting - Deleveling Roleplay
Advanced Depts Inventing Stam/Level SEs - Titans Military Actions Constructive Dialog

Level Specific Guides

Hunting Equipment Quests
1-99 1-49 - 50-99 Eq Plan
100-199 100-149 - 150-199 One Hit 140-180
200-299 200-249

Child Pages

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