135-140 gear

Stayed with Mancrusha. Added Flaming Baron Set. Kept Decay Gloves and Rune. Shilldora Gloves are an excellent alternative for DAM, as well as Lessor Santork Claws for DAM. Was able to continue 1 hit killing untill the 140 realm where I ran into Blood Mercury Fiend, and Plague Victim. in the Metlar Realm. I average 200 DAM shy on a regular hit. CH and PS will 1 kill. This MAY be due to my not believing in all DAM, however there is a listed set change at 140 anyway.

Flaming Baron Set at 135

Flaming Baron Sword P/FF-ATT 32/DAM 55

Flaming Baron Helm P/FF-ARM 80

Flaming Baron Shield P/FF-ARM 80

ATT +250
ARM +150
DAM +700

Piercing Strike +50
Critical Hit +50
Disarm +10
Elite Hunter +100
Fury Caster +30

Shildorahs Green Fingers P/FF-ATT 130, DEF 110, DAM 90
Reinforced Armor +25
Nullify +25
Sustain +20

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