Attack and Bounty Scenarios

The following walks through some scenarios regarding attacks or bounties as they relate to guild policy.

Bounties on Allies

Under no circumstances is any member of Dark Siege to issue a bounty on an allied guild WITHOUT expressed permission from a guild manager or above.

If you are attacked by an allied guild paste the combat logs in the M*A*S*H Unit, noting it specifically as an attack by an ally AND notify a leader. It does not matter if you win or lose the combat.

At that time a leader will take care of the rest of it. It is out of your hands once you post it.

Single Attack and Bounty (by an Ally)

Another player from an allied guild attacks you (1 attack only) for no reason steals your gold and makes you mad. So you bounty him without seeking guidance from a leader.


Since this attack was done by an allied guild, it was a BAD BOUNTY and BAD ACTION from the start. Since you bountied the attacker in return you are equally at fault BAD ACTION, BAD BOUNTY.

Bounty Cleared and Counter Bounty

A non-ally clears your bounty without your permission using 10 stam hits. You post a counter bounty.


We don't typically counter bounty a fair clear. Someone has to hit you 10 times - BAD BOUNTY.

Multiple Attack and No Bounty (Attacker Loses)

You are attacked twice from a player from a NON allied guild and he stole no money and he lost the attack both times. You do nothing since he lost the attack and stole no gold.


BAD ACTION on your part because you did not notify a leader. We have a policy of not tolerating multiple attacks from anyone. Your action should have been to post to the M*A*S*H Unit and notify a leader win or lose and let them decide what to do.

Multiple Attack and Consult Leader

You are attacked several times by an member of a non allied guild, he cusses you out and hurts you very bad you are friggin pissed, but you hold together and paste the combat logs in the M*A*S*H Unit, inform a leader.


GOOD ACTION since it was reported to a leader.

Multiple Attack, Abusive Behaviour and Consult Leader (Attacker Loses)

You are attacked by a member of a NON allied guild several times he loses the fight in all attacks, but he cusses you out and calls you a f*gg*t. Naturally you're pissed, but you paste the combat logs in the M*A*S*H Unit and tell a leader and are told to place a bounty on them.


GOOD ACTION, GOOD BOUNTY you notified a leader and let them decide what to do.

Single Attack Bounty Placed

You were attacked 1 time buy a doper from a NON allied guild he took gold and XP you are friggin pissed so you bounty him.


While the guild condones bounties, the guild does not get involved with single attacks due to the nature of the game. This was a GOOD BOUNTY; however, you still should paste the combat logs in the M*A*S*H Unit and let a leader know BEFORE you place the bounty.

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