BH Advice 2

Here it is in the simplest form. Be the first to the required number of kills. It's that easy. lol


You have to be able to survive a counter-attack

PVP is one sided with advantage to attacker yes, but DEF buffs help to level the field.
ALWAYS have enough ARM or DEF to make em miss or live thru a hit. Don't rely solely on buffs to save your ass if you want to be successful. I recommend at least 2 sets for pvp. One will be high in ATT, the other will be high in DAM. Usually a hunting set will work for the DAM.

On the other side if your on the board and wanna fight back, the same principal applies. Have 2 sets, ARM and DEF. Switch em up. It is VERY HARD to have the stats to tackle ARM and DEF with just one BH set. Individual peices work well here as rarely a set bonus will help on the DEF side of the board and this is purely to show em you'll go down fighting, not just give up.

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