Bounty Hunting Gear

If your interested in Bounty Hunting or perhaps are curious about gear alternatives I will compile a list here. (this is a work in progress so feel free to add or edit as you wish)

1. You can BH at ANY level with ANY gear. The success rate may not be to high and I personally didn't really start till around the Deep set (lvl80). Mostly because alot of folks that know thier going to be on the board will wear a turtle(high DEF) set. Meaning you'll need a bit of high ATT to land a successfull hit. If you are one of those who put ALL points into DAM, you'll need to Buff up on ATT buffs more than likely, or find some off peices that raise your ATT if nessecary.

2. I personally really like the ShillKala set. That is a combo of 2 primarly DEF sets that round out ATT and DAM as well. These can be had at lvl 115. I am currently lvl 131 and this is still my prefered set for BH. I did clear a few in Leik and Hunting gear, but if you want to beat the 2% rule, DEF really helps. I have cleared lvls up to 237 in this set. Also it's a pretty decent sleep set as you'll have enough ATT and DAM to hit back and win in the event they miss you.

*NOTE* The lvl 237 I refered to was in a hunt gear setup. Had he/she been in a DEF set, I would have been lacking sufficent ATT and would have needed BUFFS to RAISE my ATT and some to LOWER his/her DEF for a succesfull bounty.

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