Bounty Hunting Guide
Table of Contents

1. Don't pvp if you don't want to get bountied. Most won't bounty you for clearing a bounty, but there are those that still like to be jerks

2. PVP inactive accounts when you can

3. Always use 10 stamina hits

4. Check the equipment for damage. No use taking a bounty if someone has already taken it.

5. Return stolen gold and maybe some of the reward. It doesn't guarantee they won't bounty you, but it improves the odds.

6. Ask if they want to be cleared when you can. Some have personal bounty hunters, if they are online they may already be trying to get them. This is optional, you just risk a bounty more for being ignorant to their wishes (It is a given that you always ask an ally no matter what).

7. Don't be greedy. Yes pvp points are great, but if you are taking huge amounts from someone with each hit, expect them to be a little pissed.

8. Complete the bounty in a timely fasion. Yes its their fault for being on the board, but don't start a bounty and then get busy doing something else or run out of stamina. Its a waste of you tickets, and it causes more damage when someone else has to complete it - possibly getting you bountied.

9. If you are returning gold at the end, its best to send it right after completing the bounty.

10. Stay prepared. Always keep on top of all aspects of a bounty for maximum effectiveness. Enough stamina, repair equipment after each hit, time on buffs, proper equipment to ensure victory. Its best if you can have your own personal bounty hunter waiting too in case. Or look quickly to our allies for anyone +300 points higher than you.

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