Buff Guide

To get a quick reminder of what the various skills do (both buffs and potions) you can go to the Skills Guide - a link is on the top of the skills screen in-game.

A common question is “What skills should I get?” Definitive answers are dependent on your playing style. Someone who loves to PvP will have a different set of skills than those of a person who wants to simply level up.

Skills fall in three major categories: Offense, Defense, and Special. When you start, the skill point cap is 100. Every 50 levels after that, the cap raises 5 points. So at level 50 your cap is 105, at level 100 the cap is 110, and so on up to skill level 175. Skill descriptions taken from the game are in red, quoted directly from the game. Cost is how many stamina points it costs to cast this buff, Duration is given in minutes.

To help you with making a decision that’s right for you, consult the tables below.

An overview of which Buffs are already in the Guild (project in progress) is found below these tables. Click here for a quick jump to the location.

Lvl Pot PvM PvP Buff Duration (Cost) Effect Comments Buff Group
1 - no no Rage 90 (10) +0.2% to base attack per point. Notice it says BASE attack. It doesn’t apply to any guild or armor/weapon bonuses. Only put 10 points in it to allow you to get other offensive buffs. Since you should not have level up points in Attack, and increased percentage of those points is worthless.
1 - YES YES Stun 90 (15) +0.1% chance per point to halve your opponents chance to hit. Again, this is a multi-target skill. This skill (at 100), give you a 10% chance to reduce your opponent’s attack stat by half. At higher levels, where suicide sets are the norm to maximize damage, this buff becomes useful in extending the life of SSI. Like Shockwave, Stun activates before your opponents turn. If successful, the mob will lose his turn to strike and save you an imp.
25 - MUST YES Fury 90 (10) +0.1% base Attack and +0.1% base Damage per point. An all around buff, this skill again seems like a good deal. And it isn’t all that bad. Of all the ‘base stat’ skills, this is one of the more useful. Most players level up their damage points while doing minimal to none attack and leaving their armor, defense, and HP leveling alone. 2/3
25 - YES no Bloodthirst 45 (10) +0.2% chance per point to drain 5% of your opponents current HP per combat turn from your opponent. Generally used against SE's and Elites with high HP, this skill becomes increasingly useful for regular hunting above lv 400 where the mobs HP begins to top 10k+. Used in conjunction with SA and SK, this buff can mean the difference between 1 and 2 hits against high level mobs.
25 1000 1500 MUST YES Enchant Weapon 90 (10) +0.1% per point stat bonus increase to your equipped weapon (Excludes 'Gain' bonuses). This is handy depending on your weapon. If your weapon only has one stat bonus, okay. But if your weapon has multiple stat bonuses, better. ‘Gain bonuses’ refer to a + of gold, stamina, or exp hourly gain. This is the first worthy skill in this category in my opinion. EW1000 is available in the AH (very expensive). 2/3
75 175 300 350 MUST YES Berserk 90 (15) +0.2% base Damage per point Again, this is another base stat bonus, probably more useful than Fury. With a lot of players putting large amounts of level up points in Damage, this can be very handy. (10 point pre-requisite in Rage and Fury). Ber175 and Ber300 potions are available in the AH, moderately priced. Destroyer Potion (lvl 350) is transferrable (Super Elite). 2/3
75 - SPEC no Holy Flame 90 (15) +0.2% extra damage vs. undead per point Allows you to one hit many levels otherwise impossible. Do not hunt undead without this buff!! 1/3
150 200 MUST YES Dark Curse 60 (20) +0.2% reduction of opponents defense per point More useful at higher levels than lower, as this affects the opponent’s entire defense stat and 20% of a mob with a defense of 12 is only 3 points (rounded up). This is a GREAT skill! (10 point pre-requisite in Rage, Fury and Berserk) 2/3
200 - SPEC YES Shockwave 90 (20) +0.1% chance per point that your opponent will forfeit their next combat turn Useful in protecting Shield Imps in armor and suicide set ups. Recommend it be used in conjunction with Stun for best protection. Effective in small group attacks on powerful Elites, SEs, and difficult PvP targets where there will be multiple rounds of combat.
200 - no no Ignite 60 (10) +0.1% chance per point that your opponent will be set on fire. Each successful hit thereafter will inflict between 5% and 10% extra damage. Sounds cooler than it is. It activates after your second hit at the earliest. If you are not killing in 2 hits you have other issues. Effective in small group attacks on powerful Elites, SEs, and difficult PvP targets where there will be multiple rounds of combat.
250 - SEs no Super Elite Slayer 15 (25) +0.2% per point reduction of damage, attack, defence and armor to super elite creatures. If you are gonna hunt Super Elites get it. *
250 150 350 MUST YES Wither 60 (15) +0.2% per point chance of a 50% reduction of your opponents HP at the start of combat. Allows you to 1 hit if it activates. If you can have it, get it. Wither350 is availble in the AH (expensive). Wither150 is moderately priced. 2/3
300 150 SPEC YES Shatter Armor 60 (20) +0.05% per point chance to reduce opponents armor by 75%. 300 level players should have this or Deathwish. Pair up with other level 300 players to assure distribution in the guild. **
300 125 YES YES Deathwish 45 (20) +0.03% per point chance to instantly kill vs. creatures. (Excludes Super Elites) 300 level players should have this or Shatter Armor. Pair up with other level 300 players to assure distribution in the guild. 'Instant' kill means stamina is lost. Level 125 potion is cheap in the AH. **
300 125 no YES Spellbreaker 45 (35) +0.1% per point chance to remove a random buff from PvP target upon a successful attack. Spellbreaker (125) potion is inexpensive and a better option than using skill points on it.
400 YES no Spectral Knight 45 (15) +0.1% per point chance to reduce targets armor by 100%. (vs Creature only) A must have skill above lv 400
400 YES YES Keen Edge 60 (10) +0.1% per point to your attack for each complete set equipped.
500 Arterial Strike 60 (20) Gain additional 0.1% xp per point for every additional round of combat. (Note that this does not activate if conserve activated)
500 25 MUST no Death Dealer 60 (20) For every 5 kills in a row, without dying, you gain +0.01% extra damage per point (Max 20% and vs. creatures only). Will allow for 1 hits in many places above level 400. An absolute must for high level hunting. It's critical that you protect your kill streak in order gain the full benefits of DD. Pair with SSI.
600 Savagery 45 (15) 0.05% chance per point that your defense stat is added to your attack and your armor stat is added to your damage.
700 Chi Strike 90 (20) 0.1% per point of your Health total is added to your damage
700 Shield Strike 45 (20) 0.1% per point chance that your defense stat is reduced to zero and your damage is doubled.

Some Notes

MUST - This buff is always useful (although at lower levels and lower stam levels, some may not be needed - check your stats).
YES - This buff is useful often.
SPEC - This buff is useful under specialized conditions.
no - This buff is basically useless.

Buff Groups

* Worth having in the guild, but not every group needs it.
** Should be spread evenly among high level players.
1/3 - in a buff group of three, one should have it.
2/3 - in a buff group of three, 2 should have it.
3/3 - all players should have this buff.


50 - Lower than a buff cast by a level 250 player who has maxxed the buff.
150 - Equivalent to the buff cast by a level 250 player who has maxxed the buff.
500 - A super potion that is higher level that any player in the game can cast.


  • PvM (Player vs. Monster) also referred to as PvE
  • PvP: Player vs. Player

Tips :

  • Avoid “base” stat buffs. They are limited in their usefulness, especially as most people tend to concentrate level up points on Attack and Damage.
  • Skills for gains in exp and gold are very popular and rightly so.
  • Sustain is an enhancement that will lengthen the time the buff stays active, up to doubling the length the time. If you are shopping for buffs to buy from another player, look at the amount of sustain that the seller has.
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