Counselor Confidentiality

Since Stout posted the announcement of my new rank, I thought I'd put something here to explain a bit more about it, and some of the most important elements, particularly around confidentiality.

The main part of my job is to be a listening ear and sounding board to any guild member who is feeling less-than-happy with the way that their game life is going. You can message me in game, send me a message in the forum here, and/or find me on MSN as (check forum).


Here's the important bit. All conversations will be absolutely confidential. I won't disclose who has talked to me to anybody else. I won't refer publicly to any information that may have been shared with me in private. I won't say anything in chat to a person that would even intimate that we'd talked in my role as counselor.

Disclosure to Guild Leadership

If I hear about something that I think needs to be taken to the guild senior leadership, then I will ask the person for their consent to do so. If the person is willing to let me disclose their name, then I will; otherwise, the leadership is happy for me to bring things to them anonymously and without any details that would identify the person concerned. Basically, I will not pass on anything to anybody without the informed consent of the person who is talking with me.

Here For You

So if you are unhappy with something that's going on in the game - even if it's just an occasional niggle at the moment - please please come and talk to me about it in confidence. I can't promise that I can fix everything just to your liking, but hopefully together we can work something out, so that crises and conflicts don't escalate and that we can maintain our Dark Siege family.

Note: This position is not currently staffed. Please bring your concerns directly to a member of our leadership team.

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