De-Leveling Guide

First Things First

When a de-level is announced, flag the time and save up your stamina. If you need to figure out your local time on an announced delevel, check out Game Time

What is a De-leveling?

A de-leveling is a collaborative attack upon an individual with the specific intention of stripping away enough xp that they drop in level. This is done rarely, and in Dark Siege it is done to deter players from harassing or bullying our guild members or our allies.


The decision to de-level someone is made by the guild leadership. The de-level is set to a pre-determined time, and the guild (and possibly the guild's allies) prepare for the delevel.

  1. The time of the de-level is announced, and as many members as can make it schedule for it.
  2. The guild members participating save up their stam - 500-900 stam will be required from each member participating.
  3. Each player ensures they have bounty tickets so they are able to take the bounty when it is posted.

How a De-level Works

When a player is attacked, rather than posting bounty right away, the bounty is postponed until the time of the de-level. The bounty is put up at the pre-determined time, and many many players take the bounty at the same time and begin to hit the player with 100 stam hits, each 2 minutes apart. Each player will hit a maximum of 9 times, being careful not to clear the bounty so others can continue the attack.

There are two categories of hitter:

  1. The high level hitters who will damage the player's armor so that lower level players can then successfully hit the target. Once the target's defenses are lowered sufficiently…
  2. The low level hitters who will strip most of the players xp. A High level player hitting a low level player doesn't take away much xp, but a player who is at a lower level than the target will take a great deal of xp, and effectively do the de-level.

All hits are 100 stam hits, since the amount of stam used affects how much xp is stripped.

A maximum of five levels can be taken from a player for each bounty posted. The guild will continue to attack until no further xp is removed from an attack, and the player is down 5 levels.

Multiple bounties

Extreme cases involving many people might result in more than one bounty going up and more than five levels being stripped, but this is exceptionally rare. When this happens, once the xp stripping from the first bounty is exhausted, a second bounty can be posted - and hits on the first bounty will once again strip xp. This is handy, as only one bounty need be taken by the hitters.

Armor Breaking

Aarmor breaking is really for higher levels with large backpacks who can carry an additional set. Ideally, the armor-breakers want to have less damage than the target has armor, while having overwhelming defense and armor. The goal is to hit the target as many times as possible each fight. This greatly increases how much their gear is damaged, particularly with Shatter Armor buff or Disarm enhancement.

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