DSA Application

Applications to the DSA are accepted by Invitation Only

If you have not been messaged with an invitation to join the Dark Siege Academy, this isn't for you.

Guild Application Process.

The overall process for joining the guild is described here: Guild Application Process.

  • If you are applying 'cold' to the guild then you need to use use the Guild Application.
  • If you are applying to the DSA, use the form below.
  • If you are a DSA Graduate currently holding 'Provisional' rank you also need to complete the full Guild Application.
  • Please note: if you do not submit an application you will remain unranked until you do so or are kicked from the guild.

If you are intending to apply to the guild and not the academy,

You must have been invited to submit an application to the academy. If you have not been invited, PM or message one of the academy staff to be considered. Academy cadets are usually recommended to the academy by a guild member, so if you know someone in the guild, be sure to mention them in your message.

How to Apply to the Academy

TIP : Ensure that your game name is exactly the same as the forum name you use when applying or there will be a problem.

To apply to the academy make a new topic in the Forum with your game name as the Subject. Then copy and paste the questionnaire below into it and fill it in. This thread will be your 'bunk' in the barracks, and will be used to track your progress and answer your questions as you advance toward guild membership.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, academy staff will contact you regarding your acceptance to the academy and outline next steps.

On behalf of all of the academy staff, instructors and the Dark Siege guild, Welcome!

Application Form

New Cadet Questionnaire

Real Name (optional):
Real Life Age:
Level (at time of entry):

1) Why do you want to join Dark Siege?

2) How did you hear about the Dark Siege Academy?

3) How often do you play?

4) What is good guild member like in your opinion?

5) What kind of help do you need / expect from the academy?

6) Do you know anyone in the guild? If so, how?

7) Any other general comments you'd like to offer?

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