DSA Charter


The Dark Siege Academy (DSA) is the educational wing of Dark Siege. In this regard, it has the following mission:
• operate a training school and assistance center which helps lower level players prepare for Dark Siege membership and accelerates their progress so they can join the guild sooner.
• organize and maintain the educational resources and basic information of the guild, including guild rules and operating procedures, resources, tips, equipment recommendations, tools and tutorials.
• promote ongoing learning by all guild members. This can take the form of regularly published bulletins, fun quizzes and contests aimed at honing skills and understanding of the game and it's tools.

It is designed to serve the needs of the guild as a whole.

Academy Staff

Academy staff are responsible for the smooth operation of the school. They handle admissions, track equipment, provide mentoring and buffs, write tutorials, administers quizes, track progress and approve advancement. Academy staff are responsible for ensuring number of students is manageable, and need to keep in touch with the guild recruiter and leadership to ensure the guild's needs are being met.

Academy Headmaster

The Headmaster is ultimately responsible for the overall success of the college. In this role he coordinates staffing, ensures rules are followed and enforced and watches for overall adjustments to how the college runs. The Headmaster reports to and is responsible to the guild leadership on how the academy is doing.
In addition the Quartermaster tracks all school assets (largely equipment). They encourage and coordinate equipment hand offs to other students as equipment is outgrown and monitors for contravention of school rules with respect to those assets (ie. theft and hoarding). The Quartermaster also works closely with the guild's Merchant And Auctioneer to ensure equipment levels for the school are appropriate and that guild tagged items at the school's level are managed properly.

The Headmaster is appointed by the guild leadership.

Academy Dean

The Dean is responsible for the specifics of the academy program and tracking student progress. They watch for required adjustments to training techniques and library materials. They are further responsible for assigning specific instructors as mentors to the students.
The Dean is appointed by the headmaster, in consultation with guild leadership.

Dark Mentor

The Dark Mentor is appointed by the headmaster, in consultation with guild leadership.

Academy Instructors

Academy Instructors function as mentors (see below), and also assist in the authoring of academy educational materials, administer quizzes and assist the staff in assessing academy trainees and adjusting the training program as needed.

Academy Mentors

Academy Mentors are guild volunteers (and of course the Headmaster, Dean and Quartermaster are instructors) who take on the role of mentor for students. They are available for advice and help, provide buffs, can supplement the equipment and/or gold of the student as required. Mentors are not nursemaids. It is important for students to learn how to fend for themselves and be inter-dependent with, but not dependent on, others. In this regard instructors are encouraged to teach HOW to find an answer more than provide the answer, HOW to achieve something rather than do it for them.

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