DSA Training Operations

Academy Training Operations

The Dark Siege Academy is to fulfill the following goals:

  • To make recruiting active lower levels easier and bring them into the Dark Siege family faster by having something to offer them appropriate to their needs.
  • Give the player and the guild a chance to form an impression of each other before an application to join is submitted.
  • Stimulate a sense of helpfulness and team play in new guild members.
  • To create a bond of friendship and loyalty between students and the guild, so the students are likely to stay with the guild longer once joining (ideally for good).

Size and Scope

It will be important to not sacrifice the quality of the candidates to achieve quantity. The DSA will function under the following restrictions:

  • A hard limit of five students in the academy.
  • The number of students can be reduced by guild management at any time should the guild not require more 'up and comers' to maintain membership level balance.
  • There is no need for the training program to be full at any given time. We only admit good candidates and if there is no such candidate, then there is nobody in the program.
  • Ideally students should be spread out - not all at same stage / level. Students pass through three ranks during their training. Cadet (5-29), Squire (30-49) and Dark Squire (50-80). Numbers of students should be spread over these ranks.
  • Cadets are trained OUTSIDE the guild until level 20 when they are granted entry. They are expected to have the words DSA Cadet in their bio until this point and should NOT join another guild or they forfeit their place in Dark Siege.
  • No cheaters, no really young, no major language issues, no attitude problems apparent at time of application.
  • A Waiting list is in operation. If DSA is full potential candidates will be mentored outside of the guild until an opportunity arises for entry (usually following the graduation or dismissal of a student already in the guild).

The Ideal Student

Candidates for the DSA should have a reasonable expectation of achieving high levels reasonably quickly and make a positive contribution to the guild's social life and operations.
The following description of the 'ideal' DSA student is designed to help in identifying the ideal candidate:

  • They level up fast, achieving Lvl 30 in 2-3 weeks and achieving level 80 (Graduation) in 3-4 weeks after that.
  • They are active and pro-active. They take the initiative, play hard and take responsibility for their own success.
  • They contribute to the guild and their guild mates.
  • They are courteous and fun to have around.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Benefits to Students

The following are the concrete benefits DSA students can expect:

  • Mentors (DSA staff) and Guild Expertise
  • Tutorials and Leveling Guides (DSA Forum Section)
  • Equipment inventory
  • Buffs
  • Modest starter gold
  • Peer support and friendship
  • Guild infrastructure (once promoted to Squire).

Responsibilities of Students

Students at the academy are expected to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Be active, push hard on leveling.
  • Report on their progress. Update their Goals sheet, discuss their efforts with DSA staff and Leadership.
  • Help each other, especially players in levels below them.
  • Contribute to DSA guides and tutorials.
  • Learn game and Dark Siege guild essentials.
  • Pass tests / quizzes (simple and straightforward)
  • Hand down or give back equipment as they outgrow it.

Academy Resources


The DSA will have an area of the Guild's forums dedicated to the school. Forum Sections might be:

  • Staff Room. This area is used by academy staff and guild leaders to discuss academy operations and specific students.
  • Library. This area contains tutorials and reference material specifically designed for use by low levels.
  • Drill Hall. In this area, each student creates a thread for themselves, reports progress, asks questions, does quizzes, etc. We make each student currently in school a sticky and let them drop down or move to an archive when they leave.

Equipment Inventory and Backpack Space

School equipment and inventory will use as little guild resources as possible. Gear under level 20 will not be guild tagged or use guild storage. Guild over level 20 will be guild tagged but use as little guild storage as can be managed. The preferred storage mechanism will be on the backs of students or in the back packs of academy staff.

The DSA Program

All DSA students will exhibit a distinctive DSA identifying graphic icon in their avatars and indicate their DSA membership and stage in their bios.


Students are admitted based on guild staff's assessment of their likely hood to succeed in the school and as guild members. This will be determined through an IRC interview between staff and students. At least two of the Headmaster, Dean or Quartermaster must approve the admission.

Cadet (Levels 5-30)

The goal of an Cadet is to get to Squire as quickly as possible and learn the basic techniques of game play and guild rules.
The Cadet is not a member of the guild initially but are admitted to the forums as a visiting member, and can access the Library and Drill Hall. They do their leveling under the guidance and assistance of the academy staff and have a mentor assigned. They are able to request buffs, use academy equipment (often handed down from advancing students) and can be provided with shopping gold to fill equipment gaps. At Level 20 they are admitted to the guild where they continue to learn the basics under staff guidence and allowing use of guild inventory, chat and structure bonuses. This should enable them to level at even more rapid pace

Squire (Levels 30-50)

Upon achieving level 30 the student is eligible for advancement to Squire. Certain permissions are granted at this stage including access to the Guild Hall in forums. The student must have achieved the goals expected of an Cadet and exhibit a sense of commitment to the guild and the process. Students at this stage should be familiar with keeping their gaols sheets up to date and achieving these goals. This process includes interaction with Leadership and DSA Staff as students are expected to discuss their progress regualrly.

The goal of an Squire is to advance to Dark Squire as quickly as possible, become acquainted with guild members and learn the basics of guild operations. There is an emphasis on knowledge and goal fulfilment at this stage and both are monitored closely in the student's Drill Hall thread.

Dark Squire (Levels 50-80)

This is the final stage of training during which students have the chance to complete their goal sheets and maximise their knowledge of the game. They will fulfil a number of higher level goals including farming a elite or bounty hunting. It is at this stage they may wish to consider their own personal game style and begin to actively persue their own goals. E.g. if farming elites gives them a taste for hunting big creatures they may wish to contact the guild SE hunter for extra tuition.

Access to the guild store is granted with this rank.

At Level 75 they will be considered 'pre-graduation' and subject to a final interview and check by DSA staff and Senior Leadership.


Upon achieving level 80, the student is eligible for graduation. The Headmaster, Dean and Guild Founder must approve their graduation and they must be accepted as a member of the guild in order for them to be an 'official graduate.'

Graduates are provided with an icon graphic they can use in the forum and on their AV for as long as they remain in the guild.

The Deep Set serves as the 'cap and gown.'

N.B. Previously Graduation was achieved at Lvl 30. The DSA in discussion with the senior leadership of Dark Siege has now raised this to Level 80. So why have we raised the level?

1. Primarily this is in order to provide a more rounded program of training. It is possible to level very quickly to Lvl 30 and there is still a great deal to be learned about the game. It is the hope of the Academy that by extending this period of training graduates will emerge not only with knowledge of levelling and equipment, but of quests, relics, role-play and all other aspects of the game. For example students will be able to experience their first elite kill, delevel or relic capture while still under the guidence of the academy. In this way they can develop their own particular game style under the tutelage of suitable mentors. So if down the line you fancy yourself as an SE hunter you can practice on a few elites under the guidence of experienced SE Slayers.

2. A longer spell in the Academy also allows Guild members and Leadership to get to know new players better before voting on their final admittance to the guild.

3. Extending the Academy also allows players from Lvl 30 -80 to apply to the DSA and have the same possibility of admittance to the guild proper as low level players previously had. Before now it has been more difficult for these players to be fairly assessed 'in game.'


Student expulsions will be done in consultation with Guild leadership and handled as gracefull as possible. Expulsion requires unanimous approval of the Headmaster, Dean and Quartermaster and the approval of at least one founder. Expelled students will be free to apply for guild membership as per usual, but the reason for their expulsion will be known to the guild and factored in.
Students may be expelled from the school for the following reasons:

  • They fail to level quickly enough or learn required material
  • They fail to exhibit sufficient commitment or activity.
  • Attitude issues are discovered that make them unlikely to be accepted into the guild.
  • They seriously and knowingly breach school or guild rules.

Leave of Absence

Should a student not be able to make the commitment to progress required of the school, they are encouraged to voluntarily take a leave of absence from the school until such time as they can. This will not reflect badly on the student, as honesty is encouraged and real life takes priority.

School Rules

All guild rules apply, except that Cadets are not expected to contribute to guild upkeep.
All students are expected to pass down or give back guild provided training equipment. Loaned gear is not to be tagged, sold, destroyed or distributed outside the guild or academy.
Cadets are not protected by guild alliances but are expected to abide by them (no attacking allies).

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