A list of Enhancements for reference to set enhancment bonuses.

Banishment - Small increase in damage vs Demonic creatures

Beast Slayer - Small increase in damage vs. Beast creatures.

Breaker - Increased chance to damage opponents items (PvP only)

Critical Hit - Very small chance to do double damage with a successful hit

Disarm - Chance to halve the current durability of defenders weapon (PvP only)

Dodge - Small chance to evade an incoming attack, regardless of Attack/Defense

Duelist - Enhances offensive (Attack/Damage) stats in PvP combat.

Elite Hunter - Increases the XP gained from killing creatures.

First Strike - Chance attacker will forfeit their attack in the first combat turn

Fury Caster - Increases the level of skills when cast on self and others

Glory Seeker - Increased damage vs. Champions.

Greenskin Slayer - Small increase in damage vs. Greenskin creature.

Holy -Holy is an enhancement that gives you boost to damage against Undead creatures.

Hypnotize - Chance to hypnotize the target for between 2 and 5 turns during combat

Master Blacksmith - Reduces the repair cost by a percentage dependant on the enhancement level.

Master Crafter - Improved chance to create better crafted items.

Master Inventor - Increases successful chances of inventing items.
Master Thief - Small chance to steal all of targets gold (PvP only).

Nullify - Chance to reduce opponents damage by 20% if successful.

Oceanic - Improved damage vs Aquatic creatures.

Piercing Strike - Chance to reduce target armor to 50% if successful

Protect Gold - Small chance to protect all your gold. (PvP only)

Protection - Small reduction to the XP lost when killed in PvP

Reinforced Armor - Chance to increase your Armor to 25% if successful.

Sustain - Increases the time skills remain active.

Thievery - Increase gold stolen from other players when in combat.

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