Equipment Selection Guidelines
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We have found that the two most important statistics to consider in selecting your equipment are damage and attack, in that order. The reason for this is that the most efficient use of your stamina is to kill in as few hits as possible, with the goal being a one hit kill. So you need enough attack so that you can hit the first time (the game will cause you to miss 2% of the time) and enough damage that you can kill the creature in one hit.

Guild members should try to always wear a complete set. Complete sets give you the elite hunter enhancement that increases experience per kill by 20%. This is why I personally think that the giggles set is underrated. You can wear it for a long time selecting the best of the other 7 items to accompany it.

Smaller sets such as Giggles and Khale are also ideal because they can be paired with other small sets. That way you can wear 2 sets and get the set bonuses for both.

Some sets to avoid include: Nightshade, Thunder, and Gnarled. These sets have low damage and will not allow you one hit kill monsters thereby using your stamina inefficiently.

I suggest that you prowl the auction house, setting your preferences to about 5 levels above and below your current level for items that will improve your overall setup. You can then use to see what monsters drop that particular item, and decide if you want to buy it or hunt for it.

Crafting and Hell Forging are both methods of improving your equipment. Crafting may be useful throughout the game, but be sure (again looking in the AH) that the improvement in the item is worth the FSP you pay, and that you are going to use the item for a number of levels. It is a waste of resources to craft something to only use it for a couple of levels. Hellforging should mostly be avoided unless you have Legendary Set items. It is very costly and really is not needed. This changes some at about level 80 or so.

Note on Crafting and Hell Forging: Forging an item to Full Forged is 10 fsp and x/amount of gold per level of equipment. Meaning it is cheaper (in gold) cost to FF a lower lvl item. I have found that by using EXPERT Crafter for 3 fsp I have ALWAYS been succesfull. So you can get an item that is POOR Crafted for cheap, Craft it to Excellent and then FF forge it for around 13/+ fsp depending on your gold on hand. Keep this in mind when shopping for a peice. If it's going for say 30 fsp, well you see what I mean. You can AFFORD to sell it at 20 fsp, cut-throating the competition and making a profit yourself. This is based on you (might) having to sell a fsp for the gold needed to make it happen. Unless your exceptionally well at saving. I also would strongly reccomend that you only sell the fsp when your Hell Forging the peice, lessens the risk of thieves and pvpers stealin your gold before hand.

Finally here is a post in the fallensword forum that lists the best equipment for each level. It is only a guide and not a bible. I used the horus amulet and the kragh set (with Flamed and Hellfire sets) very successfully and they are not on the list.


Today we were asked if we could help attack someone by our Allies, The Evil Dead. There was nobody in the guild who was capable of attacking this person successfully. This made me realize that we are as a guild inadequately prepared to defend ourselves and our allies in the event of a conflict whether it be with an individual or guild. This may be important soon because the next big addition to the game is going to be guild wars.

As a guild we have always advised that our members go for equipment that is geared toward leveling. i.e. it has high damage, enough attack to hit the monsters, and enough armor and HP to survive a hit or 2.

In general it is easy to find equipment that is high in damage. Therefore if you are attacked u will likely die on the first hit assuming that contact is made. This is the basis of our leveling advice kill them before they can attack you. To be able to survive against other players you need to be able to withstand attacks. The best way to do this is to have high defense, because again it is more difficult to get high enough attack to hit someone with high defense. We also need to get high attack to be able to hit people with high defense.

I would say that right now that it would be good for our bounty hunters and players above level 100 consider having an alternate set of equipment, that is geared toward success in PvP against other players. I have encountered very few players below level 110 that I have not been able to attack successfully. The Deep Set as awesome a set as it is to level, is woefully inadequate as a PvP set, as any set can beat another no matter the crafting or forging of the 2 sets.

We will investigate equipment recommendations and let you know. Two that come to mind are the Leikmar set (level 110), and the King au Xenah set (level 150).

We should as a guild also look into defensive buffs. I know that some of us have started a skill or two but perhaps we should have each person build one skill so that we can provide a more formidable defense.

This is mostly addressed toward our highest level players, as they are most likely to encounter players with alternative defensive sets, but everyone should consider keeping an extra couple of items if they cannot afford a complete set. If you only keep a couple of extra items and your defense is based on armor, get high armor/hp items to boost your defensive stance, as one or two items are unlikely to be enough to provide enough defense to make a difference.


Our back packs fill up with spam from creatures as we wack them. Sometimes its just junk.. Sometimes we will need that gear.

A GOOD example I can mention is my defensive set.
I have KAX but need to fill it in for my level ( which is 190 right now)
I now need a helmet of Khoral and boots of Nelsa and thank fully I KEPT one amulet i need but tossed 3 others.

A good place to check out what you will need is on Best items Some of you may already know of this site but doesn't hurt to be reminded of it.

Check your guild mates gear too. IF someone is at a level you are coming to, see what they are sporting for gear, either hunting or defensive gear.
It will save time and gold trying to hunt gear down through either guildies, the AH or wherever!

I know I will be more cautious when tossing spammed gear from NOW on!

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