Farming Guide

Farming for beginners.

Farming refers to the process of killing and looting elite critters with the intention of selling the equipment in the auction house for profit.
One great way to make a little cash is to find elite equipment that sells for decent prices in the Auction House (Girath is one good choice) and farm it. Even better, find an elite that you can kill on your own. That way you (1) don't have to use guild resources and (2) stand to gain more in selling the drops. This becomes easier as you progress up the levels and that Ethereal Guardian begins to look a little less scary.

Guild Rules on Farming with Groups

By guild rules, farming for solely personal benefit with guild groups is forbidden. The rule of thumb is that if you're using guild resources to farm equipment that you donate half of all drops. Therefore for every set you farm, the guild should get a set (or if it doesn't need the set, then the proceeds from the sales of that set).

Remember, using groups is fine, but everyone that joins uses some stamina (5 each). So if you form a group, you should have the expectation that you WILL use that group. Groups last for 24 hours so it gives you a lot of time. DO NOT EVER disband a group. It's better to let it expire (just in case you unexpectedly find a reason to use it…like a relic, elite, champion, etc).


A Find Item (FI) buff, or better still a high level FI potion will greatly increase your chances of getting a drop from these creatures. Check the prices of the equipment you are farming; it is often possible to pay large amounts of gold or FSP for a FI potion and still make a profit from a couple of hours farming. High level FI potions can be found under 'potions' (FI500) or 'special' (FI1000) in the autcion house.


Try to farm at times of day when the farming is quiet. If you find yourself in The Mystical Maze with eight other players trying to farm the elites you will not be very successful. It is especially important to choose a good time if using a FI Potion in order to get the most out of it.

Last word: if you choose to farm equipment, you will probably forgo leveling for a couple of days. It's not a bad thing, but remember to check the prices of what you are hunting and make sure it's worth your time!

Creatures, Spawn Rates and Locations

Below is a list of Elites which can be farmed, how quickly the 'respawn,' and where to find them. Respawn rates represent how long it takes a creature to reappear on the world map after you have killed it.

Creatures Name Level Spawn Rate Location Drops Guide Gear
Darmov The Great 5 Instant Darmovs Pit Infernus Set Armour, Helmet, Gloves, Boots
Eribor 12 Instant Krul Small Cave
Giggles the Laughable 19 Dreg Swamp Giggles Head (Quest Kill)
Girath The Terrible 30 5-15 min Udan Forest Girath Den Girath Shield
Jawdore Griffin 38 10 min Eerie Moors (Jawdore Sanctuary) Zhann Set Amulet
Corrupted Knight 41 Instant Amazon Encampment Carnage Set
Blind Stalker 45 15 min Hallows Depth Kragh Set Ring
Vampire Assassin 55 5 min Odin Cave (Burning Plateau) Yeltz Set
One Eye The Goblin Mercenary 65 5 min Orcan Forest (Goblin Camp) Henz Set Armour
Balrog 78 Instant (x2) Inferno Mountain (West) Darklore Set Amulet, Ring, Rune
Forlo The Infernal 85 15 min Depth of Despair (Forlos Den) Clak Set
The Ice Fang 90 Instant Depth of Despair (Deep Cavern) Golden Panther Set Amulet, Armour
Azlorie Forgzah Demon and Bastet Lion 110 15 min Emkmar Scrubland (Mystical Maze) Leikmar Set (PJ set-up)
Queen Shildorah 115 10 min Sanctum of Shildorah Shildorah Set(pj/attack set)
Storm Lord 130 15 min Jeglar Cove Jahd Set Ring
The Ankler Minotaur 140 Instant Tepal Cave Drake Set Armour and Shield
Gronak The Merciless 170 10 min Dunale Cave Gronak Set
Marpolo and Cethedrum 175 5 min Marpolo Island Marpolo Set
Mortugus 185 10 min Mortugus Lair Mortugus Set
Lezhal 200 5 min Narkort (North) Lezhal Set Rune, Amulet
Fozdon 205 Instant Daradom Catacomb Fozdon Set
Asura King Vashku 235 15 min Vashku Vashku set Weapon, Armour, Shield
Xenix The Chaotic 245 15 min Xenix Den Xenix Set pj/hunt Armour, Gloves, Helmet
Ragnoc 260 15 min Ragnok Lair Ragnok Set
[* Kruxgor 10 min Kruxgor Lair
The Spectral Sabertooth Instant Sabertooth Lair
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