Firefox Setup

Setup and Tips for FireFox (for Fallen Sword and the Dark Siege Academy)

We heartily recommend you use Firefox as your browser when playing Fallen Sword, even if you use it for nothing else.

Setting Up

Firefox Download

If you aren't using Firefox or want to get the latest version, you can download it by clicking the link below.



NEW Fallensword Helper

Fallen Sword Helper is a Greasemonkey script meant to enhance the experience of playing Fallen Sword, by removing repetitive tasks, presenting more information at a glance, enhancing the social aspect of the game and creating shortcuts to common tasks.

This is script has been approved for use by HSC and has largely replaced the unofficial plugin given its expanded and continually expanding functionality. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!! You can download both the script and the greasemonkey script handling add-on from…


Unofficial Firefox Plugin for Fallen Sword

There is a plug-in written for Fallen Sword that makes in-game play a lot easier, and we highly recommend it.

You can read about it and install it from…


Note that for this add in to work correctly, you need to go to Character / Preferences and disable Keyboard shortcuts

Chatzilla - Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client

Chatzilla is an add-in for Firefox that enables you to use the IRC channels. It can be installed by clicking the button below.

IRC Channels

The main means of interactive chat inside the academy is an IRC channel dedicated to the DSA. Mentors and students can set up whatever other mechanisms they like as well (MSN, Yahoo, etc.)

IRC Channels are:

General Fallen Sword Channel: irc://

Dark Siege Channel: irc://

DSA Channel: irc://

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