Fsp Guide

This guide is intended to help you discern the best use you can make for these coveted FSP Fallen Sword Points, or "Pinky Marbles" as others might call them.

What are FSP

FSP is the short for Fallen Sword Points, it is the secondary currency of Fallen Sword.

How to obtain FSP

Uses of FSP

  • Alternate Bank FSP have a Market Place value of about 95,000 to 100,000 Gold. You can buy as many as there are offered and as you have Gold. And they are easily sold again. Where as when you want to deposit Cash into your Bank, and you usually have only one deposit per 24 hours, its much easier to "store" the Gold in FSP.
  • Assist in depositing all Cash you hold into your in-game Bank account, or the Guild Bank account. Normally you may only deposit 25% of your Gold that you currently hold into your personal or the Guild Bank.

Example: You have 60,000 Gold. The most the game lets you deposit are 15,000. (25% = 1/4 of the amount you have). So to be able to deposit 60,000 Gold, you would need to have at least 240,000 gold in hand (4x the amount you want to deposit). So short of borrowing 180,000 gold from another player, simply sell 2 FSP, deposit the 60,000 (carefull not to deposit more!) and buy the 2 FSP back. Depending how the Marketplace runs that day, you could even make a small profit, or a small loss.

  • Craft Items. You expend FSP to be able to work on Craftable Items.
  • Hell Forge Items. You expend FSP AND Gold to Hellforge any item for up to 5 times.

However, please note that for the time being it is more welcome to send the FSP to a member of the Guild Leadership, than trying to donate to the guild directly

Landenor's Take on Character Upgrades

Extrastout says:

let me put my 2 cents in real quick. […] What Landenor did with the upgrades is not necessarily what the guild would recommend or what someone else would do. Its his opinion. […]

Upgrade Cost Limit In-Game Remarks Priority/Classification Landenor's Remarks
+25 Current Stamina 1 n/a SHORT TERM GAIN / WASTE This is the best way to waste your expensive FSP's 25 Stamina is gone in a fly, and so is the FSP. Some players may disagree, as it this may have limited use in very special situations. But definitely not for day-to-day hunting. Binarus says "This is a short term gain strategy. Unless you're burning a lot of fsp (A LOT) and making more long term upgrades in addition to burning raw, you're advised to invest in longer term upgrades as a priority over raw leveling"
+10 Maximum Stamina 2 n/a HIGH - VERY HIGH The more Maximum Stamina you have, the longer you can stay offline with out stamina overflow. Divide your The difference from your Max Stam to your Current Stam by your Stam gain, this will tell you approximately how many hours you have before your stam overflows, to be more exact, you want to look as well when your next gain occurs. Check as well what is written under +1 Stamina Gain (per hour) Both should be in a balance and match your hunting and online styles, as well account for possible outages - problems with ISP, Have to go on a weekend trip with ……. (fill in "Parents", "Girl Friend", "Boy Friend", "favorite Band")
+1% Experience towards next level 2 n/a WASTE In my opinion this as well is a total waste of your FSP's. Binarus says "+1% of level is exceptionally selfish - since the guild does not gain xp nor gold in tax. There are a couple of levels (Darth has identified) where it is more cost beneficial than buying raw, but in general, people who level up through 1% buys are only looking after their own interests"
+50,000 Gold 1 n/a WASTE Never sell FSP here. Go to the Market Place and check for the lowest FSP offer at the moment, then create your own listing, a tad bit lower than the previous one, or more agressively lower. if you need the cash that very instant. Normally FSP's go for between 100K and 95K. So even if you put out an offer to sell for 90k, you still get 40k more gold than selling it here!
+25 XP Gain (per hour) 15 50 Note that your xp gain is allocated, plus a bonus of your xp gain times a multiplier equal to your level minus 50 divided by 25 (rounding down).Note the actual value is always reflected in the quick display at the top bar xp mouse over. Note also at lower levels this value is then scaled down up to a reduction factor of 10 to stop it potentially being too overpowering. Below level 25, no additional bonus is applied Very low I personally do not like to gain XP in my sleep. I prefer to actively hunt for it. However it is your choice. Binarus says "xp gain, if you are going to max it, is best done as early in the game as possible. The benefits decline as you level up, so that by the time you are lvl 250, maxed xp gain accounts for less that 1% per level." Levinia says: Just my personal take but i have never regretted maxing this out. I get 13,000 + per hour which when i add it all up comes to over a level a week (almost 2 i think). By the time players hit 250 its much harder to get a level done and I personally need all the XP gain i can muster LOL Xp gain along with stam gain per hour are my 2 priority upgrades
+10 Gold Gain (per hour) 5 50 WASTE This again in my eyes is a complete waste. I prefer to maintain the Endlore Giant's Reach Relic under Guild Control, this gives +100 Gold Gain (per hour) for free.
+1 Stamina Gain (per hour) 25 25 HIGH - VERY HIGH This, in conjuction with Maximum Stamina is a must. But make your calculations! (Max Stam - Current Stam) / Stam Gain = possible offline Hours without Stamina Spill (waste). Why is this so important? Well once you have been admitted to Dark Siege, or the DSA portion that is housed inside Dark Siege, you will - because of our superb Guild Structures - have a minimum hourly stamina gain of 65. If your Max Stam is at 650 you will have a maximum of 10 hours, before you "loose/waste/spill" Stamina. Even the most enthusiastic Player, with the interference of Real Life, cannot keep up to hunt every 10 hours. If you now increase your Maximum Stam to at least 24 hours worth your hourly gain (still assuming its already 65) to 1560, you can have more efficient hunts, use your buffs more efficiently (they cost stamina too) and level much faster, because you get to keep most of the stamina you generate. You still can hunt more than once per day, but the moment you cannot, you dont have to worry too much. So do only invest here if you are sure what you are doing, its much much more rewarding to be able to hunt with max stam of several thousand, than do tiny hunts. If you want to stay and play this game for months and years, and stay motivated throughout, you will head this advice.
+1 Bank Deposits per Day 50 10 Very low There is really no need to take this anytime soon. 1 Deposit per day is just fine, for your own use, and to donate to the guild, send your donations to the Guild Leaders, as they have invested in multiple deposits, for the better of the whole Guild. Important: before sending a donation to a Guild Leader, check whether they accept donations at that moment
+1 Inventory (Backpack) Slot 15 500 HIGH This as well is a very important upgrade. While at first it may only be convenient to be able to hold a few more items without to have to ditch "Trash" every two combat drops, the farther you advance in Gameplay, you realize you want to have at least one alternate set of equipment. A complete spare set in the backpack (eg your best defensive gear) takes 9 slots.
+1 Max Allies 5 115 Very low This is not crucial, you have 5 ally slots to start with. Don't list just every person you meet as an ally. There is a buff called Assist, when you are attacking Critters, one of your allies can come and help in the attack, but only one of those that are not more than 25 levels higher than yourself. The 5 FSP you would spend here, are much more important as an investment into your Maximum Stamina, at least at first. OshiKuRoo says: "You don't have to add all the members of your guild… you can access them on your guild page"
+1 Max Enemies 5 115 Very low Similar Deal as with Allies. I do not know how ever of a secondary (in-game) function. Most people just do not have Enemies and use those slots to track friends, or people that generally buff them, or mentees, or, or, but very rarely real enemies.
+1 Max Auctions 20 100 MEDIUM This is actually not bad to have, but again you need to prioritize. Initially you have two Auction House Slots. (Enables you to take items from your Backpack and offer them for auction. If you purposely set ridiculously high prices, or they just don't sell, they end up for 24 hours in your item mail box, after which they will be destroyed. If you have more of these slots (eg 3 more), and you set for example 1 hour auctions, you can move every 1 hour 5 items into your mail box. until your Backpack is empty. This is of course dangerous if you cant retrieve them in time before the 24 hours expire. Definitely not a strategy to use with a very small backpack. The other benefit is really what it is meant for. Lower Level general Items (Common, Rare, Unique) sell much better in the Auction House, than higher level counter parts. And you make decent gold for them. The more gold you make the more FSP you can purchase for that gold, the faster your character can be upgraded. etc. etc.
Protect XP [ ? ] 25 n/a Each time you use this, your XP will never drop below the current amount it was at when the upgrade is purchase. Note this does not have any affect when killed via a bounty. Your currently have protection at: ### xp" WASTE This only Protects you against XP loss against Critters. Do not waste your FSP on this. A correct one-hit set up, as described in the Stats Tutorial is much much more effective, and efficient.
Reset Skill Points 100 n/a One upgrade unassigns all your Skill Points allowing you to make new choices for all your skills. CAREFUL/WASTE You may still have a free 0 FSP upgrade. Be very careful before using it, because you have only ONE FREE, and only if you joined before the new Skills where added. If you follow your Instructors and Guild Mates advice, you will only have to reset once you hit level 200 or higher.
+1 Max Secure Trades 5 25 Very low This is a convenience, especially if you wish to trade with players that have limited backpack space. The Item stays in your Backpack until the target player accepts the trade. This is definitely not a priority upgrade
Refill All Bank Deposits 20 n/a WASTE This is a complete waste of FSP, except may be for the Guild Leaders, who have tons and tons of Money on them and are on the verge of facing an attack. 20 FSP = 2 Million Gold… you really need to have lots of cash to loose for this to make sense.
Bounty Tickets (100x) 1 n/a BOUNTY The Prime Requisite for a Bounty Hunter, or one who wants to place a Bounty. NOTE: Placing a Bounty MUST be sanctioned by the Guild Leadership
Reset 'Level Up' Points 50 n/a Using this option will reset all your level up point allocations, allowing you to restructure your character. Note however each time this upgrade is used the FSP cost will increase if you wish to use it again - this is to prevent abuse of this upgrade. CAREFUL/WASTE Similar notes as with the Skill Points Reset. If you listen to the advice of your higher level Guild Mates, and your Instructors, you probably will never have to waste FSP on this. This is pure punishment for not heeding to advice.
+1 Marketplace Listing 10 5 Very low Only buy more listings if you are a *Millionaire* have hundreds of FSP to sell, or buy and want to rig the market :) You have one Marketplace listing by default, and you can sell more at once with one listing. Like 10 FSP for 99,999
+1 Combat Sets 5 49 LOW This makes only sense if you have different outfits of equipment in your backpack. Eg an Hunting Set, and a Defensive (Pajama Set), or a buff set, or a Gladiator Set. This is allows you to save your current equipment configuration to a short cut, by which you can recall it through very few clicks, and thus rapidly swap your outfits. Eg in higher levels you may have to have a different equipment outfit per creature or per level, etc, thats where it becomes useful.
+25 Bio Characters 1 25 Very low To be able to write 25 more characters in your Personae (Biography) description. Very Low Priority, unless your first use for this game is as a roleplay platform.
+1 Component Inventory Size 5 90 LOW This is a subsection to your backpack where you store Extracted Plant Components for potion making. you start out with 10 slots. plenty to concoct your first potions, but seek proper guidance before getting yourself involved with this.

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