Gear Guide 120-134

Ok, here is the start to a new Gear Guide. Were gonna start at Mancrusha since it's fresh on my mind.

LVL: 120 Mancrusha
This will be the main set you build around. I will list the Craft, Forge and Stats of what I used. Again. I cain't say it enough, I NEVER WILL believe in ALL DAMAGE STATS!!! KEEP this in mind if you follow this as a blueprint. I TRY to use the best set up for multipurpose. I like to BH. I will post some info in there of the little dab I know for those interested. Anyway, just stick to the main set and accomodate to your needs.

Mancrusha Amulet: Perfect Craft, FF Att+100, Arm+30, Dam+200
Mancrusha Armor: Perfect Craft, FF Att+50, Arm+290
Mancrusha Boots: Perfect Craft, FF Att+90, Arm+120, Dam+120
Mancrusha Ring: Perfect Craft, FF Att+120, Arm+110, Dam+130

Now that is your MAIN. Here is my set up for level 120

Full Moon Lupine Eyes (Shield-You can keep using Deep, but I like well rounded stats for BH, or PVP if you want): Perfect Craft, FF Att+100, Arm+160, Dam+110

-Helmet of Decay: Perfect Craft, FF Att+49, Arm+69, Dam+169

-Rune of Decay: Excellent Craft, FF Att+48, Dam+236

-Hammer of Deep (Untill lvl 121): Perfect Craft, FF Att+83, Dam+213

-Gloves Of The Deep: Excellent, FF Att+93, Arm+88, HP+19, Dam+86(Gloves of Decay may be used for better Armor)

-Etheral Demon Sword(121): Perfect, FF Att+45, Dam+280

Set Details for Mancrusha:
Pierceing Strike+25
Critical Hit+25

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