Guild Application Process

The following describes our criteria for guild membership, as well as how to make applications to both Dark Siege and the Dark Siege Academy

Guild Membership

The following qualities are generally looked for in guild members:

  • Members must be active, loyal and contribute to the guild.
  • We are looking for seasoned adult warriors.
  • For general admittance you should be level 150 and above.
  • We are an English speaking guild and you must be able to speak, read, understand and write in English to join.

Application Process

Don't just ask to join the guild in game. All blank join requests will be rejected regardless of your level.

Note: If you do not submit an application you will remain unranked until you do so or are kicked from the guild. You will have provisional status until your interview has been completed and your application accepted or rejected. If your application is accepted we will inform you and change your rank accordingly. If you are not accepted we will tell you why.

All applications work as follows:

  1. Contact guild leadership in game via pm and let them know you'd like to join. State your age and why you are interested in Dark Siege.
  2. Register on our Forums.
  3. Fill in an application form and post it as a new topic to our Recruiting Section. See below for specific forms.
  4. You can then ask to join the guild in game, or will receive an invite.
  5. You will be assigned the rank of Squire or Provisional. Join guild chat and get to know your potential guild mates.
  6. While Provisional, the guild will post questions to your application thread. Answer them as best you can - you're allowed to ask guild mates for help, but make a stab on your own first. We're in this to have fun, so we want to get to know you.
  7. Guild leadership will evaluate your game play, personality fit with the guild and general attitude and competence to determine your acceptance to the guild.
  8. Once you are accepted, your application thread will be locked and you will be assigned a regular guild rank.

Age Restrictions and Exceptions

The guild's minimum age is 18. We are an adult guild, and prefer guild mates with adult levels of maturity and sensibility. We do make exceptions, however, for potential members who display maturity and sense exceeding their years. When you contact a leader and you are under minimum guild age, you will likely be interviewed by several leaders prior to being invited to submit your application.

Should we reject your request, don't take it personally. There are a great many great guilds that will be happy to have you, and we are happy to help you out.

Applying for Guild Admittance (Level 150+)

The form to use to apply for general admittance to the guild is found here: Apply to Guild

Applying for entry into the Dark Siege Academy

The form to use to apply for admittance to the DSA is found here: Apply to DSA

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