Guild Buff Rules

Note: You MUST list your own buffs in your bio in order to receive buffs from other members.

Dark Siege guild members enjoy the privilege of requesting buffs as well as contributing to their mates by supplying them as appropriate. These regulations are designed to respect the both the buff requester and supplier.

They are also designed to eliminate wasteful or unneeded buffs to preserve stamina.

You should hunt as frequently as is required to avoid hitting your max stamina. That way, you get the maximum effect from the buffs to balance the cost to the buff supplier.

Buffing Courtesy

  1. Remember that when you ask for a buff, you are asking someone to sacrifice some of their hunting stam for you. Be polite. It would be good to say please and thank you.
  2. Check the guild page to see if people are on (little green lights) at the appropriate level to provide the buffs you need. DBL and AM are lvl 200 buffs, so if there are no lvl 200+ guild members on, they can't be provided by the guild at that time.
  3. Be patient. Folks can be busy elsewhere, and not be refreshing the chat window every 20 seconds. Give it time.
  4. Let people know in chat when buffs have been given to try to eliminate over-buffing. ie. Thanks to stout for the DBL
  5. Don't be afraid to buy a buff that is unavailable. We all need to from time to time.
  6. Look to buff others. Too often the same people tend to buff. This is particularly true of the high level players. Try to spread the stam costs out.

Requesting Buffs

  1. Buff yourself first. Do not ask people to use stamina to buff you with buffs you can do yourself.*
  2. Ask for buffs in chat. Be SPECIFIC about what buffs you want. Saying, "Buff me please," is not acceptable.
  3. Do some research. Look in Fallen Sword Guide, and look at the stats of the mobs you will be facing. Asking for Dark Curse when you have more attack than the mob has defense is a waste of 20 stamina.
  4. Check for an equipment solution rather than requesting offensive or defensive buffs. Often switching one item will tweak your stats enough to kill the mobs.

*Of course, this does not apply for lower level players without max'ed buffs: ie AL and LIB

Supplying Buffs

  1. Buffers are not required to give more than 3 buffs to another member, although they may do so at their discretion.
  2. Only supply the buffs the person asks for. You will likely overbuff the person's own buffs otherwise.
  3. Check the member before buffing to see what buffs they already have active so you don't accidentally overbuff.

Buff Limits and Restrictions

  1. NO BUFFS if you are in Founder's Dungeon or Siege Jester ranks.
  2. Members must have at least 400 stamina to request buffs (although we ask that members try to be as close to max stamina as they can) except as follows:
    • Find Item and Super-Elite Slayer: Can be given at anytime, since they are situational buffs.
    • Doubler and Animal Magnetism: You must have at least 500 stamina. This is a minimum amount, please try to have close to full stamina.
    • Wither, Death Wish and Shatter Armor: You must be level 186+ to request.
    • Conserve: You must be at max stamina (if max<1000) or have in excess of 1000 stamina. This buff is not overly useful with lower stam levels.
    • Assist: You must be level 200+. You must also have over 1000 stamina. This is a 30 stamina buff, please don't abuse asking for this one.
    • Summon Shield Imp: This is a 50 stam buff. Members are under no obligation to share this buff and are permitted to charge within the guild for its use. Potions are a much cheaper alternative (under 1 fsp in AH), whereas members may charge the going rate of 2-3 fsp to anyone under lv 400 at their discretion.

Please keep in mind stamina is not a limitless resource; just because a high level player has 10k stamina doesn't mean they owe you buffs because they have more to work with. That stamina was earned and paid for (quite often with RL dollars) by that member, it doesn't belong to you.

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