Guild Communications

As a social game, communication with your guild mates and the guild leadership is one of the essential elements of the game.

Communication Mechanisms

There are a number of ways to communicate with your guild mates:

  • Guild Chat. This is the social meeting place of the guild. Drop in. Have fun.
  • Game PM. Obviously, a quick message in-game is a mechanism shared by all. It's great for short notes.
  • Forum PM. The forum PM is a great way to communicate with folks for longer communications.
  • IRC. The guild IRC channel is useful for having more interactive meetings with fellow guild members.
  • MSN. Many guild members have MSN ids and use it frequently. Other instant messaging technologies are also in play.

Guild IRC Channel

The guild IRC channel is found at the following URL: irc://

To setup Firefox to use IRC with Chatzilla, check out Firefox Setup

Respond to Leaders

The quickest way to be placed in the Founder's Dungeon is non communication. There have been several times where a member has been sent a message in game by leadership and not answered for days or weeks, sometimes not at all. We should not have to wait weeks for a simple answer regardless if you are afraid to answer, just tell the truth and answer the question as it is posed to you.

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