Guild Donations

Guild donations are essential to the maintenance of Dark Siege. While out hunting all members of the guild are taxed 25% on any gold gained from creatures; the this is the maximum allowed in the game mechanics. However in order to maintain the upkeep of guild structures it is essential that weekly donations of gold or FSP are made in addition to the basic tax. In this way all guild members contribute to the structures which will ultimately benefit them. Guild structures cost tens of thousands of gold per hour to maintain; add in extras such as hired mercenaries for attack groups and you begin to get an appreciation of cost.

How much do I have to donate?

The spreadsheet below indicates the recommended minimum weekly donations by rank for guild members.

How do I donate?

1. Using your own bank deposits. If you have several bank deposits available to you you may want to use one to donate to the guild.

2. By sending donations to the leadership.
This is the most commonly used method of donating. Sending gold directly to guild leadership ensures that your own bank deposits can be used for personal gold. The Bookeeper is responsible for tracking all donations by co-ordinating information from guild logs and from the leaders who have received donation. Guild donations are tracked weekly. Tuesday to Monday. This allows those that play more on the weekends the opportunity to show that they are contributing. To send gold to a leader go to the guild management page, click on the name of the leader accepting donations and then click 'trade with player.'

TIP: Watch for mass messages from leaders regarding donations. If the are hunting or involved in a bounty they may not be accepting donations. If in doubt, check first.

3. FSP Donations
It is possible to fulfill your weekly donation requirement by donating FSPs. It is important that these are sent to the leadership and NOT deposited directly into the guild. This is because once in the guild they can only be spent on specific upgrades e.g. Guild Store space. FSPs are also needed to forge and craft equipment and this is largely done by leadership. For this reason it is better to send FSPs straight to them using the same method as you would to send gold. 1FSP - 100k gold.

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