Guild Equipment Plan

The Guild Equipment Plan is used for two purposes:

  • To provide the guild an idea of what gear it needs to stock as guild tagged items.
  • To provide members with a basic plan for gear they might use.

Guild Tagged Items

The plan allows for an estimation of what and how much gear is required based on the guild's membership. The Guild By Level chart helps in evaluating how much gear of each time should be bought or sold.

The plan is specifically designed to stock gear that is:

  • useful over many levels. This means members need to do fewer swap outs and reduces the overall slot requirements for storage.
  • stock expensive or hard to acquire. There is no sense storing items that can be bought cheaply - the storage slots cost more than the gear, purchased many times.

Player Suggestions

The gear in the plan isn't necessarily the best stuff at any given level - but it is adequate to have you one-hitting. Members are encouraged to substitute and use other sets as well, since experimentation and puzzling are part of the fun of the game.


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