Guild Leadership

The following describes the leadership ranks of the guild. Not all positions may be filled at any given time. In such cases, the duties of the vacant rank will be taken on by a founder or senior leader.

Titles may have "High Dark" used as a prefix to convey a greater seniority to the position, typically added due to the credibility of the person in the role at the time.


The founder team, consulting with guild members and the leadership, are responsible for overall policy decisions and determining overall guild actions internally and externally.

Rank Description
Founder Responsible for overall success and advancement of the guild, with an emphasis on foreign affairs and military operations.
Dark Co-Founder Responsible for overall success and advancement of the guild, with an emphasis on internal guild operations and morale.

Senior Leadership

The senior leadership assist and advise the founders on all guild matters relating to the guild, but have specifically delegated areas of responsibility.

Rank Description
High Dark Governor High level adviser to Founder, advises on all guild matters.
Dark Secretary of State Senior diplomat and political intelligence gathering. Pro actively builds up guild reputation and external relationships. Assists in guild mergers, alliances and provides a political context for conflict assessment. Coordinates the State Dept.
Dark Magistrate The Dark Magistrate is a judicial officer of the guild. He hears complaints and problems and acts on them either through bringing it to the Founder's attention or correcting the problem within his authority.
DSA Headmaster/Headmistress The Headmaster/Headmistress is ultimately responsible for the overall success of the college. In this role he coordinates staffing, ensures rules are followed and enforced and watches for overall adjustments to how DSA runs. More information on this role is available in the DSA Charter.
Dark Noble Specialized title bestowed upon individuals with great wealth, that have shared above and beyond the call, able to confer (promote) rank on deserving guild members, tutors and advises guild members on play strategies. Has a direct link at all times to the Guild Founder.

Guild Management

The guild management team help the guild operate internally. In addition to their specific duties, they take on general tasks that will support the leadership from time to time.

Rank Description
Dark Adjutant Tracks and sets guild member ranks as they advance. Keeps track of absences and notifies leadership.
Dark Quartermaster Manages guild equipment plan and the guild store. Identified items to be purchased and items to be sold by reconciling equipment plan against the guild's membership levels. Monitors for theft of items and will report when it is time to increase guild store slots.
Dark Scribe Tracks guild inventory, works with quartermaster to highlight issues related to guild inventory, storage space and member / inventory mismatch.

State Department

The State Department is primarily concerned with political relationships between Dark Siege and other guilds and forging relationships outside the guild.

Rank Description
Dark Siege Recruiter Manages guild recruitment by pro-actively building relationships with players that are likely to join the guild. Works to establish a positive reputation for the guild to attract new players. Assists in guild mergers.
Dark Diplomat Pro actively establishes and maintains relationships out side the guild, particularly where such relationships can provide context for political assessments. Assists the Dark Secretary of State as required.
Dark Agent Monitor the FS boards and other guild boards and bios, player bios, and look around for interesting news, reporting them back to leadership and the guild.

Defense Department

The Defense Department is primarily concerned with military operations and military intelligence.

Rank Description
Dark Chancellor of Defense Tracks incoming attacks and assesses level of attack (stam used) and coordinates with leadership and State Dept on response planning. Assists in planning of military operations.
Senior Dark Bounty Hunter Functions as a bounty hunter, but also manages and mentors the other bounty hunters. Helps to establish battle operations and drills for the guild.
Dark Bounty Hunter The bounty hunter's most important duties are as an intelligence agent and clear arranger for our guild and allies. They are very familiar with goings on of the bounty board, and watch for any bounties on us or our allies.

Dark Siege Academy

The Dark Siege Academy is primarily concerned with the skills development and education of the guild. More information on these roles is available in the DSA Charter.

Rank Description
DSA Dean The Dean is responsible for the specifics of the academy educational materials and curriculum. They watch for required adjustments to training techniques and library materials.
DSA Dark Mentor The Dark mentor is responsible for coaching tracking student progress and assigning specific instructors as mentors to the trainees.
DSA Instructor Academy Instructors function as mentors (see below), and also assist in the authoring of academy educational materials, administer quizzes and assist the staff in assessing academy trainees and adjusting the training program as needed.
DSA Mentor Academy Mentors are guild volunteers (and of course the Headmaster, Dean and Quartermaster are instructors) who take on the role of mentor for students. They are available for advice and help, provide buffs, can supplement the equipment and/or gold of the student as required.
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