Guild Life Guide

Welcome to Dark Siege. Whether you’ve been part of this guild since day one, or are thinking of signing up, hopefully this guide will provide some useful information. Some of it will be very specific to how we work as a guild, other parts are more general and relate to how to make the most out of your experience in any group.

The Specific

As in most of life, guild life is a give-and-take situation. And it’s extremely important for you to find this balance. People who only give end up drained and often feeling resentful and used. People who only take may end up finding that others are less and less willing to help them out.
Giving to the guild can happen in various ways. We’ll start with the tangible ones:

  • Firstly, there’s the 25% tax that the guild automatically takes from your hunting kills. This money is used by the guild to pay for the structures that give you all the nice bonuses to your stats that you’ve benefited from; to hire mercenaries to help with groups; and to buy and upgrade guild equipment.
  • Secondly, there’s your required daily or weekly donations over and above the tax. Money goes to the same causes as above.
  • Thirdly, you can donate your equipment as you outgrow it or no longer need it. If you do that, place it in the guild store and then post in the appropriate forum thread, so that it can be tagged and accounted for.
  • You can also spend any money you may have to forge or upgrade the crafting of guild equipment that you are using. If you do this, again, make sure to post in the relevant thread.

We don’t all have lots of spare gold or FSP. Just as important – perhaps in many aspects, more important in my view – are the intangible ways people give to the guild.

  • Hang out in guild chat. Share your opinions, congratulate people on group kills, drops, levels achieved, or just enjoy the silliness that can break out on occasions. Any group is only as strong as the communication that goes on between its members, and guild chat is the place to build relationships and friendships.
  • Share your stam. You can give heaps to the guild by joining attack groups and by buffing other people when they ask for it. Your stam will regenerate, and while it may delay your hunting for an hour or so, this is all part of the giving that is necessary to any group.

Taking from the guild is also a part of guild life.

  • There is no shame at all in using and wearing guild gear. That’s what it’s there for. Yes, there are some people who can afford to buy their own gear, and like wearing full forged perfect everything – but that isn’t necessary in order to one-hit, and it certainly isn’t necessary to be part of Dark Siege.
  • Use the resources in the forum so you can learn from other people’s mistakes! There’s some great advice on where to go, what to kill, and what to wear. Make the most of it.
  • Buffs – do ask for them. And here’s where the give-and-take balance plays out. This deserves its own section, which comes from an earlier forum post of mine…


Buffs are Good Things, and there's a reason that we tell you never to hunt without them. But also, please remember that any time anybody buffs you, it costs them stamina. Generally speaking, it's considered good etiquette not to ask for buffs unless you have at least 500 stam yourself, so you can get the best use out of them. And while RL happens occasionally, if you know you're only going to be logged in for 10 minutes, then a large proportion of the buffs will be wasted. I also personally think it's inconsiderate to ask someone else for a buff that I can give myself. So, for example, I'll buff myself before asking in chat for anything. Yes, it costs me stam, but that's part of how the system works.

Which leads me into… asking for buffs in guild chat. Firstly, be specific. Don't just ask for 'good buffs' - ask for what you need, and only what you need (see above). Just because somebody else is asking for something doesn’t necessarily mean that you need it to. Usually when I'm hunting, I'll buff myself with AL, LIB, and TH, and ask someone for MERC. Higher level buffs like doubler and animal magnetism have fewer guild members who can give them, and aren't essential for good hunting. If you have the stats to one-hit the monsters you’re encountering, then you don’t need offensive buffs like EW and fury. On the other hand, at the higher levels, those very buffs can make all the difference between killing and being killed.

And secondly… just like you wouldn't ask someone for a favor in real life without at least saying 'hello' to them first, try and post a 'good morning/afternoon/evening everyone' to the chat rather than jumping in and asking for buffs in your opening statement. Yes, I'm sure you're eager to get out there, but a bit of courtesy goes a long way in establishing good will amongst your fellow guild-mates.
Finally, when someone does buff you, it's also polite to say thank you to them in chat. Again, just plain good manners. In my way of thinking, buffs aren't an entitlement, they're a gift from a guild member - especially when you see what they would ask most non-guild members to pay for those same buffs.

The General

  • Group dynamics
  • Limitations of a text medium
  • Good communication practices
  • Accepting and valuing differences (in people, in styles of play, in ways of communicating)
  • Don’t easily offend, don’t be easily offended


Even with all this, problems might arise and you may have conflicts with a fellow guild member, or feel uncertain about your own place in the guild. If you do find this arising, it's best to address these situations earlier rather than letting things escalate. You can talk to friends, you can talk to one of the leadership, and the guild has its very own Dark Counselor with the specific job of helping sort things out. See Counselor Confidentiality for more about how this position works, and do go and talk to them if necessary. The following suggestions might also be helpful:

  • Try to check out second-hand information. If you hear rumors, then go to the person concerned and ask them about it directly.
  • In the same way, don't pass on or repeat guild gossip or rumors yourself. Encourage the person concerned to talk to the Dark Counselor, who is able to resolve things anonymously if necessary.
  • Remember at the bottom line, that this is only a game. The friendships and bonds that form are real and deep, but you should nto feel pressured to contribute beyond your resources or to progress any faster than you want to. Take a day or two without logging in to get some perspective.
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