Guild Military Actions

Dark Siege has been engaged in a number of military actions recently (de-levelings and support for the TWP war). I've been fielding some questions about it, so I thought I'd take this chance to explain a bit of what occurs, and what the goals of such actions are.


Military actions are taken by Dark Siege to achieve specific goals. We are not a bloodthirsty guild by nature or definition.

The goals of a military action are:

  • Deterrence. (Establish a firm reputation as someone not to be bullied or abused)
  • Resolution. (To force a solution to a problem or resolve a situation)
  • Alliance Support. (To sustain a defensive capability that is greater than our own guild)


Deterrence is pretty easy to understand. I use a playground analogy. Every playground has bullies, and if you are known to be weak and defenseless, they gather like vultures. Dark Siege has a strong reputation for protecting it's own - it's one of our core values, and as a result, we are not attacked often (In the general Fallen Sword community, people are attacked much more frequently - just watch the bounty board for a while.) Sadly over time, reputations need to be re-made as memories fade.


Resolution is less obvious, but in Dark Siege, military action always goes hand in hand with diplomatic effort. Guild leadership talks to our allies, affected parties and perhaps unknown to you - the instigators. Efforts are made to find non-military actions to resolve some disputes, and communications remain open even after action is taken. It is another sad truth of the world that some people don't listen unless you have a decent sized stick.

Alliance Support

Alliance Support is critical. There are much larger guilds, who have alliances themselves, and the FDP, our most critical alliance, is DEFENSIVE. FDP actions are not undertaken to support aggression by an alliance member. Overly aggressive or non-supportive guilds are regularly culled from the alliance as they are not in line philosophically with the defensive nature of the alliance.

So while it would seem that military action is undertaken somewhat eagerly (and many find it fun) it is not without due consideration of the required objective and a careful examination of the alternatives and potential ramifications.

Other ramifications that are considered are the impact of actions on the guild's progress and Dark Siege member's game play. It burns up a lot of stam to delevel someone, which prevents us from doing other things. It exposes us to deleveling risks. Thus, military action is undertaken as a serious thing, not lightly.


The how of a military action is always different, depending on the nature of the offense and the severity of the contemplated action.

The steps involved can be broken down (roughly - this is an informal process) as follows:

  • Assessment. (What actually happened?)
  • Analysis. (What are the response options, what is our goal here?)
  • Planning. (When, where and who will execute the action)
  • Execution. (The actual hitting)
  • Follow up. (Closing on the action to ensure the goal is achieved)


Assessment is essentially fact finding and data gathering. It starts with such things as establishing were 100 stam hits used, for example. Behind the scenes, the fact finding also includes establishing the intent and political context of the attack, and so discussions are often held with the attacker or their guild founder and any other parties.


Analysis is considering the options the guild has in responding. Often requests for compensation or punishment (by the person's own guild) are considered and/or requested. Relative military strengths of the guilds are looked at, as well as any political ramifications. Consultation with our allies can be fast and furious at this point, and FDP level actions are undertaken after the matter has been discussed among members of the FDP.


Planning is the process of establishing a time - if you've been hit and are going to post the bounty - working with the leadership to set the time is critical, since nothing can happen without you. In cases where there are more than one target, scheduling and assigning who hits who can take up considerable time and effort to coordinate, particularly when it is an FDP action.


Execution is the actual hitting. It's what you are most familiar with. The bounty goes up, and 100 stam hits are used to strip experience from the target(s).

Follow Up

Follow up is critical. The target is usually contacted, as are guild founders and alliance members to explain why the action was taken, and to ensure that the offender is properly warned against further mistakes that got him deleveled in the first place.

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