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Dark Siege stands for unsurpassed loyalty, an extensive knowledge of the game and a deeper understanding of what an online family should be. Our extensive experience in Fallen Sword has helped us teach players to be valuable contributors to both the Dark Siege and Fallen Sword communities. Our goal is to provide our members with the resources so they too can learn even the most intricate aspects of the game.

Dark Siege is a top 25 guild that has worked very hard to get there. Dark Siege is one of the top 6 richest guilds in the game and we got there as a team, working for the guild’s benefit. All 28 of our structures are maxed, and our guild store of over 1500 items will be at your disposal if you give a little back to Dark Siege. So contact anyone in leadership with questions, if you are at all interested in joining and think YOU too can be an asset to the team that is Dark Siege.

Dark Siege is looking to expand our guild’s knowledge base and horizons, and is actively recruiting Bounty Hunters and PvPers! We offer the knowledge we have and the gear that we own as well as resources to get what you may need to be more successful! We are looking for players level 200 and higher. We will consider PvPers and Bounty Hunters at a lower level.


Coming up through the ranks, a lone soldier named Sarge2155 was tired of being robbed and PvP'd only to have the guild he belonged to tell him to ''"try and work things out with your attackers."''

On May 16, 2007 '''Dark Siege''' was forged with the idea that all members should be protected from oppression and greed. Banding with others of similar mind and vision, Dark Siege became a beacon of hope and shelter for all weary warriors.

Dark Siege is the home of the ''original'' Full Defensive Pact (FDP), a creative system of mutually supporting defensive alliances between a network of guilds.

Today Dark Siege, at #23 in the guild rankings, is among the most powerful guilds of Fallen Sword.

While we may now stand among the '''powerful''', it will always be our greatest accomplishment that we are numbered among the '''finest''' of guilds.

Membership Applications

Dark Siege is seeking only the most loyal and trustworthy players. We require a certain amount of maturity so we ask that you be 18 or older. We ask that you can speak and write in English and be extremely active. We also ask that you donate regularly be it in gold, the occasional craft or even a forge. If you can do this for us, this is what we can do for you:

Dark Siege offers protection, buffs, advice and knowledge about the inner workings of Fallen Sword. Dark Siege has many allies that will also offer you help once you become a part of the Dark Siege family. We give you a mature, active community that everyone desires in an online game.

TO APPLY: Please leave a message in the Recruiting Thread on our guild forum to let us know of your interest in joining Dark Siege, and tell us a bit about yourself as well. You will then be contacted for an interview. Alternately, contact a recruiter or Top 5 member in game.

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