Guild Rules

All guild members are expected to know and follow all guild rules.

In addition, guild members are expected to behave according to a set of general Guild Principles that define more subjective values that we hold as a guild.

Individual Responsibilities


Members are expected to donate gold or fsp weekly to help the guild with upkeep, upgrades and equipment.

See Guild Donations for more information.


There is no faster way to find yourself in the dungeon or kicked from the guild than ignoring messages from a guild leader. You are expected to answer promptly all messages.

When you see a Must Read message, it is assumed that you have read it.

Check out Guild Communications for more info.


Members are expected to level at least once per week unless prior arrangements have been made with a guild officer (ie: you are a bounty hunter, PvPer or will be farming elites for a time).

Guild Life

All guild members are recommended to read the Guild Life Guide for more insight and tips on how to make your time in the guild a happy and pleasant one.


Remember that when someone else buffs you, you consume their stamina. Be considerate and thankful.

Read the Guild Buff Rules - they are expected to be followed.

Guild Chat

Respect your fellow guildmates and have fun.

Read even if you don't post. Respond to messages directed at you.

No begging for gold/fsp/items. Conduct sales/trades via pm.

Attack Groups

Join when you see one had been formed. DO NOT disband a group you've formed by mistake, it expires in 24 hours if you don't find a use for it. The best solution is to raise the minimum join level beyond our highest level player to prevent others from joining the group.


If you are hunting Elites or Super-Elites, for every drop you get, one drop goes to the guild. For example, if you kill the Baron 6 times and get 2 swords and 2 shields, one of each goes to the guild, you keep the other pieces for your own benefit if you wish. This policy recognizes that guild resources (mercs, groups) are used to obtain these items and the guild itself should get some benefit from them.

This only applies if you are hunting Elites or Super-Elites with groups. If you are hunting the cockatrice and soloing him…the spoils are yours because you are NOT using guild resources in the process.


If you will be out of the game for more than 3 days you must request vacation status via this forum. Fill out and post your request here: Vacation Requests When you return from vacation you must request your rank be adjusted. PM only. Messages posted in chat are easy to miss.

Guild Operations

Guild Store

4 Spaces are to be left open in the store at all times for group drops, fill those spaces and your rank will be dropped to Siege Jester.

Further information on guild store rules and operations can be found here: Guild Store Operations


Don't beg, your rank will be assigned as you earn it.

A list of ranks and required xp can be found here: Guild Ranks Leadership ranks are described here: Guild Leadership

State Department


Learn who our allies are so you don't attack them by mistake and violate our agreements with them.

If you are attacked by an allied player report it to a leader, DO NOT attack or bounty the offending player.

Check out Guild Alliances for more information.

Defense Department

Protect Yourself

You must be fully equipped (all slots full) at all times. Don't carry too much gold out of your bank (rule of thumb: half your level x1000. ie: lv 42 should carry no more than 21,000 gold out of the bank).

Log out and make sure your account is secure when you are done playing for the day. Never give out your password. Use a different password for the guild forums than the game login.


If you are attacked, before you place a bounty post the attack logs in the M*A*S*H Unit and contact a leader or member of the Defense Dept. Wait for approval from a guild leader before placing your bounty - you have 48 hours.

If you are being bountied post it in chat and pm leadership so we can find some one to clear you. Guildmates cannot clear bounties on each other. Send your gold to a leader to hold so you don't lose it. DO NOT bounty the bounty hunters. If you think a clearer is using 100 stam hits, post the attack logs in the M*A*S*H Unit and notify a leader immediately.

The guild does not involve itself in single 10 stam PVP attacks but will delevel on a 3rd attack from the same player unless you made yourself a target by carrying too much gold for your level or provoked the attacks in some other way.


Know your guildmates and allies and don't attack them. If you PvP be prepared to be bountied.

PvP should be done consistent with what we expect from others. If you PvP aggressively using multiple attacks and/or 100 stam hits, the guild will not react defensively if you are hit back or deleveled.

GvG Conflicts

Wait for a leader to tell you what to do. If you are online and being attacked in GvG assume the best defensive posture you can. (max armor/defense and whatever defensive buffs you can get thrown on you) Do not join the conflict offensively unless instructed to. The loss of a single battle could cost us the conflict.



All relics are available to be taken by guild members except for:

  • We do not want to hold the Unholy Shrine. It hurts as much as it helps, and is at best a waste of stamina to take.
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