Guild Store Operations

Basic Guild Store Rules

  1. There must be four slots open at all times for attack groups. PLEASE check BEFORE you store the item(s) to make sure that there will still be four slots open even AFTER you've stored them.
  2. The guild store is not for common items. The guild equipment plan indicates the items the guild intends to stock. There are some exceptions to that rule. Small defensive sets and items (like KAX) might be guild tagged This, however, is at the discretion of a leader. If you feel that there is an item that ought to be in the store, please discuss the matter with one of the leaders. (Note: If it is an item that reduces attack or damage, it, more than likely, doesn't belong in the store.)
  3. A rule of thumb when you're not sure what to store and not store… If the item's value is less than 1 FSP in the AH, keep it to sell on the AH yourself or destroy it, rather than putting it in the guild store. This doesn't mean what some people are asking for that item. Rather, this means what most people are actually paying for that item.
  4. If you go to borrow an item, and it's not tagged, please let a leader know before taking it. It might be that someone missed it being stored and hadn't had a chance to tag it yet. All items ARE tracked, regardless whether they have been tagged or not.
  5. If you need something and can't find it in store check the store 'report.' This shows tagged items which are in members' backpacks. Items which are not currently equipped can be recalled by a member of the leadership for your use. Recalled items return to the store from whence you can pick them up and use them. Please don't abuse the recalling function and be courteous. Remember that although an off line player may not have an item equipped they may never-the-less need the item for hunting when they log back on.
  6. Items placed in the store due to group combat are the property of the leader of that group and are to be removed once combat is completed. The guild store wil not be used as an individual storage back pack for members under any conditions. The guild store is a tool for the guild please take care of it and do not abuse it.

Rules Surrounding Tagged Items

Shared Items and Sets

You will be required to share equipment when demand for certain sets or items is high. Simply remove the set/item and leave it in your back pack after hunting so it can be recalled when needed. If you still have the items equipped and they are needed by another member they will be stripped from you, leaving you partially equipped and vulnerable to attack.

Equipment Donations

The guild store is a means by which the guild can store items for future use by its members. Items donated by members of the guild are placed in the store. Once placed there they become "guild property" and remain as such until tagged or disposed of. Notify a leader if you intend to make a donation, and record it in the Guild Member Equipment Donations thread

Crafting and Forging

Guild members are welcome to forge or craft tagged items if they wish to. Your contributions to the improvement of our stock are greatly appreciated.

Disposal and Sale

Only senior leadership and above can dispose of and or sell guild store items. If a guild store item is sold the proceeds will be deposited into the general guild bank. No other member need ask if they can sell or dispose of an item in the guild store as only certain individuals can do it.

Trade Outs

Under no circumstances will guild items be traded out without permission from the guild managers or founders. In certain situations it might be allowed that an item be traded with a like item, but that will be an exception and not the rule. If it appears that this aid is getting abused it can be withdrawn at any time.


Members found to be stealing and or exchanging items from the store if caught will be dismissed from the guild on the spot. This particularly applies to taking untagged items when dropped by a group or placed in the store for tagging.

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