Hunt Planner

The Hunt Planner is a tool which calculates your stats from gear and buffs, contains data on every critter in FSG and compares them to your stats to see how you can do against them, and has a stam / level approximator.

Downloading Instructions

It is currently available as a .zip file from the following location: Download Hunt Planner BETA 2.

Feedback and Bug Reports

Feedback, bug reports, suggestions and wish list items can be sent to Binarus.


The following is a quick overview of the functionality of the Hunt Planner.

Tab: Quick Compare

The Quick Compare tab is used to quickly punch in stats of a player and opponent. The opponent could be a creature or another player. You simply enter the overall stats for the player and opponent, and it will give you a quick idea how the battle will go.

Tab: Set Compare

The Set Compare tab is used to compare up to 6 sets against each other on four criteria:

  • Attack
  • Damage
  • Defence
  • Armor + Hp

It can also be used as a bit of a back pack for storing different sets and items you have, so you can cut and paste them (use paste special - values, and don't paste the total column) into the stats page.

Tab: Stats

This tab calculates your overall stats given a specific set of gear, buffs, level up points, guild structures and relics.

Tab: Hunt Planner

This tab carries the player stats over from the stats page and then compares those stats to every creature known in FSG at the time of the spreadsheet's development, with the same status output as you found in the quick compare.

Tab: Stam Per Level

This sheet enables you to enter various parameters associated with attempting a specific level, and see how much stam is (approximately) required to level under those conditions. This is more educational than predictive, but useful to see the relative importance of various factors on how much stam is consumed while leveling.


The current version is BETA 2.

ToDo List

Nothing on the to-do list at the moment.

Version History

August 23, 2008 - Beta 2.

New features in Beta 2:

  • New tab: Quick Compare - which enables you to compare a player vs. an opponent - critter or player.
  • New tab: Set Compare - which enables you to compare the stats on six different sets.
  • Added highlighting of input fields and more comments on what the numbers mean.
  • Sanctuary potion now supported in Stats.
  • Holy Flame is considered against Undead creatures in the Hunt Planner.
  • Updated the status columns on the Hunt Planner sheet to be more Excel 2003 friendly.
  • Conserve and Deathwish now supported in the Stam/Level approximator.

Bugs fixed in Beta 2:

  • Total mis-alignment on sets is fixed. (ooops)
  • Only one line for level up points, so you can just punch in your numbers from the level up screen.
  • Changed calculations on hunt planner so that positive numbers are always good, negative numbers are always bad.

August 18, 2008 - Beta 1.

Initial version uploaded.

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