Level Specific 1-49

This page contains level specific information for the creatures which give the most experience points (XP) per kill and the areas in which they can be found.


The following maps will help you plan how to move around from realm to realm.


The Guild Equipment Plan for this level can be found here: guild-equipment-plan/DSEquipmentPlan_1-50.pdf

Training Levels

Level Training Area Critter Relic SEs Comments
1-2 Mountain Path Goblin Blue Chasm Cursed Samurai (also in the adjacent Ethereal Gateway)
3-4 Fire Chasm Vampire
5-8 Elya Plains North Shambler
9-10 Elya Plains South Rock Golem Triclopse
11 Otha Caves Nomad Magi
12-14 Krul Beach Forest East Slime Golem The adjacent realm Krul Small Cave has the Krul Pyramid.
15-19 Galo Caves Orc Brute An option for level 16 would be Dreg Swamp as an alternative to the caves. The reason is the frequency of Abominations compared to Brutes. The old man quest should be held until the last level in Dreg Swamp. It has a lot of experience, and you need to kill below level at that point.
20-24 Paladir Forest East Nightshade Unholy Shrine (guild does not capture) The adjacent realm Paladir Forest West has the Golden Cockatrice.
25-27 Ramdal Caves Zombie King
28-29 Udan Forest Shadow Dwarf Assassin Udan Sun Orb - The adjacent realm Elven Hideout has the Elven Forge.
30-31 Crystal Caverns (Entrance) Gargoyle
32 Burning Abyss lvl 1 Crazed Fire Mage
33 Burning Abyss lvl 2 Crazed Fire Mage The adjacent realm Burning Abyss (Level 3) has the Chaotic Symbol.
34 Gargoyles Den lvl 1 Overcharged Spirit
36 Gargoyles Den lvl 2 Overcharged Spirit
37-39 Eerie Moors East Lost Soul
40-44 Eldira Port South Vampiric Raptor The nearby realm Moot Forest East has the Moot Crypt.
45-47 Hallows Caves lvl 4 Thunder Golem The nearby realm Hallows Caves (Level 2) has Malphas the Destroyer
48-52 Death Gorge East Ravager The nearby realm Utapo Flats West has the Utapo Death Skull.

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