Level Specific 100-149

This page contains level specific information for the creatures which give the most experience points (XP) per kill and the areas in which they can be found.


The following maps will help you plan how to move around from realm to realm.


The Guild Equipment Plan for this level can be found here: guild-equipment-plan/DSEquipmentPlan_100-150.pdf

Training Levels

Level Training Area Critter Relic SEs Comments
100 - 102 Kijanamo Wild West Azlore Deinonychus
103 - 104 Oland Briar South Voodoo Zombie Use FI when hunting Zebra Centaur: Sacred Idol (quest item) sells for a decent price in AH and quest is easy.
105 - 106 Saneri Rocks North Voodoo Zombie Rouge Use FI when hunting Azlorie Head Hunter (drops another quest idol).
107 - 109 Enkmar Scrubland South Possessed Voodoo Doll The nearby realm Enkmar Scrubland (West) has Baron Von Drake
110 - 112 Lenzwer Forest North Wood Elf Maid Avoid Mushcaria Beast, as you need 1400+ damage to one-hit it.
113 - 114 Kentlor Caves South Gaurtor Demon The nearby realm Kentlor Caves (North) has the Kentlor Mine. Good xp - Tough to kill (1250+ damage needed).
115 - 117 Melsaur Mountains North Two Stripe Marauder Orc The nearby realm Melsaur Mountains (Peak) has Baron Von Drake. Although the Gaurtor Demon still gives full XP till lvl115, you are advised to move to this area as soon as possible. You should avoid South (below-level creatures).
118 - 119 Gadrel Swamps (West) Tree Lurker Avoid Dark Tree (under level, 900 defense). You can hunt Borok the Bloody (Elite), but Rykal set isn't something extraordinary.
120 Ethereal City The Burning Ethereal Gelatinous Fiend can also be found here.
121 Ethereal Graveyard Gelatinous Fiend
122 Ethereal Frontier Leviathan of Dion
123 Ethereal Badlands Ipos Hellion (Champion)
124 Ethereal Plains Zagan succuban
125 Jahd Swamps (North) Iron Face Orc You should leave some Orcs alive near the hut (15,9) as you will have to kill 6 of them for the quest. Go for the rats instead… while you advance to obtain the Rat Infestation Quest at (4,14)
126 Jahd Swamps West Iron Face Orc
127 Jahd Swamps South Hydra
128 Jahd Swamps East Mud Monster
Werzel Islands North Hydra
129 Werzel Islands East Mud Monster
130 Werzel Islands South Manticore
130 Dekma Jungle North Gorgo Lizard Avoid Poison Frogs as they have high defense and armor and will do nothing but waste stamina.
131 Dekma Jungle South Dekma Stalker
132 Dekma Jungle East Gorgo Lizard
133 Dekma Jungle West Giant Fiddler Crab
134 Reigma Beach North Undead Pirate
135 - 136 Reigma Beach South Undead Pirate
137 Anklar Flats North Anklar Sand Worm
138 Anklar Flats South Rock Rhino
139 Anklar Flats East Rock Rhino
140 Anklar Flats West Anklar Greater Panther
Metlair North Blood Mercury Fiend
141 Metlair East Blood Mercury Fiend
142 Metlair South Slother
143 Metlair West Sabertooth Rockcats
144 Appela Mountains North Ashen Goat
145 Grintz Forest North Giant Grintz Bee
146 Grintz Forest South Great Orb Spider
147 Grintz Forest East Great Orb Spider
148 Grintz Forest West Emerald Tree Viper
149 Appela Mountains (South) Desvictus Horror This is a very tough level and unless u have +2400 damage I would stay in the Level 148 area (Grintz Forest West) There are Emerald tree vipers in the 149 area but there are not a lot . You can then portal to Ekloren and enter Ekloren north for level 150 and 151, The Vexus Wasp is an easy kill.
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