Level Specific 150-199

This page contains level specific information for the creatures which give the most experience points (XP) per kill and the areas in which they can be found.


The following maps will help you plan how to move around from realm to realm.


The Guild Equipment Plan for this level can be found here: guild-equipment-plan/DSEquipmentPlan_150-200.pdf

Training Levels

Level Training Area Critter Relic SEs Comments
150 - 151 Ekloren (North) Vexus Wasp
152 Ekloren (South) Ash Waste Nomad
153 Ekloren (East) Ash Waste Shaman
154 Ekloren (West) Ash Wolf
155 Khorl (North) Ash Guardsman
156 Khorl (South) Ashen Brute
157 Dokar (North) Fire Deity
158 Dokar (South) Devil of Torment
159 Dokar (East) Magma Beast
160 - 161 Emerye (North) Bloodhorn
162 Emerye (East) Uknor Skeleton
163 Emerye (South) Waste Stalker
164 Emerye (West) Organ Harvester
165 Kral (North) Flesh Golem
166 Kral (East) Flesh Berserker
167 Kral (South) Flesh Centaur
168 Kral (West) Kragull
169 Dunale (North) Goatman
170 Dunale (South) Flesh Warlock
171 Pelrei (North) Yari
172 Pelrei (South) Heath Genie
173 Pelrei (East) White Elnorphant
174 Gumbrel (North) Roc
175 Gumbrel (South) War Elnorphant
176 Naral (North) Centagus Archer
177 Naral (South) Centagus Knight
178 Naral (East) Centagus Marauder
179 Naral (West) Naral Pegasus
180 Barle (North) Swamp Wyrm
181 Barle (South) Swamp Wyrm
182 Barle (East) Krocalint
183 Barle (West) Desolator
184 Angal Caves (North) Flesh Locust Swarm
185 Angal Caves (South) Cave Wight
186 Pelsar Canyon (North) Cacti Cat
187 Pelsar Canyon (South) Nazum
188 Pelsar Canyon (East) Pelsar Ogre
189 Pelsar Canyon (West) Thunder Bird
190 Crombe Moors (North) Black Dog of Crombe
191 Crombe Moors (South) Crow Flock
192 Crombe Moors (East) Soil Golem
193 Crombe Moors (West) Arms of Crombe
194 Tower of Khazal (1) Khazal Gargoyle
195 Tower of Khazal (2) Carnivorous Slime
196 Narkort (North) Narkort Moose
199 Narkort (West) Narkortian Shade
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