Level Up Points

by Dually, Dark Gladiator

The "Great Debate". I just posted a question in the Forum about this. Been boggiling my mind since I started.

The POPULAR opinion is ALL DAM. I disagree with that 100%.

HP I have 18 in them, I don't see how this is really much help, I also have 40 in ARM. HP+ARM=DAM needed to kill you. I have never survived a hit with someone around my level with those stats, so I wouldn't go too crazy ESPECIALLY HP. with the guild structure bonus I wouldn't sink any in that stat.

Level Up Points for PVPers

So now your down to ATT, ARM, DEF, and DAM. A good rule of thumb I do support is the 2 to 1 ratio of ATT to DAM. SO if you have 20 ATT have 40 in DAM and all is good. The other aspect to think about is what are you DOING with your character the MOST? Do you like to LEVEL or PVP? I like PVP better so if I don't always 1 hit, no big deal for me. So my stats, in my opinion should be a little more rounded. I think they go as follows:

ATT=85, DEF=30, ARM=40, DAM=124 (a bit light right now, but I wanted more ATT to hit the KAX def set at 150 when I was in my 120\'s) and HP=18.

Having a few more in DEF makes your sleep set a bit better than some around your level, but DC can eliminate that. High Armor will help keep you alive, but shatter armor buff and all +DAM buffs will stomp that. SO what I can see having a few rounded stats gives your eguipment a slight edge with the aid of buffs. If you want a set figure I am almost certain on this. ATT=40, ARM=30,40, DEF=30,40, HP=I don't think any more than 20 is any good. I'd even stop at 10 if I had it to over. Put the rest in DAM and by the time you get here with me, you will know where you want more. If your really getting into pvp and you want to hit a level 300 DEF set you'll need more ATT. But I believe if your going to dabble in most of the other areas of FS, those "base stats" will suit you just fine. I offer no guarantee to any of this and I AM SURE 99% of this guild would disagree, but if it's the last thing I ever do on FS, I will have a base chart for level up points!

Level Up Points for Leveling and One Hitting

Levinia, DSA HeadMistress

As Dually points out the debate hinges on this. What sort of player are you? Do you need more rounded level up points for PVP style play or can you find what you need from the arena sets available. If you are a big style PVPer it makes sense to tailor your stats accordingly.

However as a general rule of thumb for levelers the All Points in Damage rules applies. In lower levels you can get away with distributing points elsehwere but as you climb into the late 200s and onwards it gets more and more difficult to one hit if you don't have everything in damage, even taking into account FF gear and potent potions. At high levels a handful of points can make the difference between do and die. I was in a situation the other day where I was 6 points off one hitting (!!) but happily was able to adjust with some buffs to get there. I currently have 800 points in DAM… if i had say 400 in there I would never ahve been able to adjust to one hit that realm.

If you are happy 2 hitting some of the time this isn't such a problem but power levelers who look for the most out of their stam will wish to distrubute their points in damage only. Some players also place 20 points in attack which can be of benefit in the transition period form 140-185. However once you are up around level 500 you begin to wish these points are in damage too ;-)

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