lostlilkat Stories

As everyone has heard by now, I won the Bounty Hunter Pot last night of 25 FSP as well as 30k gold for the bounty I completed.
Shortly after, I had beggars sending me messages. These are the messages from my first beggar of the evening…

*Ransom23 says: Can I borrow 1 fsp I will pay you back when I buy fsp friday!!!!!!!!
*To Ransom23: No. Please, don't beg. It is very unseemly, in a game that is so easy to get free FSP by completing offers. As I have done before.
*Ransom23 says: well I need it and I have done all the rewards but they don't work please my guild needs it!!!
*To Ransom23: No, if you can't do rewards, hunt. Then buy from the market.

(this is where it gets funny)

*Ransom23 says: Well sorry to bother you (bitch)
*To Ransom23: I am not a bitch. I am THE bitch. Please, enjoy your day, and Happy Hunting.
*Ransom23 says: okay fagget
*To Ransom23: You misspelled faggot. It's with an 'o'. If you are going to insult someone, do it properly, with correct grammar and spelling.
*Ransom23 says: yes sir asshole.
*To Ransom23: Poor, Ransom23. Wrong gender. You are a sadly misinformed person, and I hope that one day, things will change for you.
*Ransom23 says: Well bye bye fucker!

Unfortunately, before I could correct his latest mistake, he put me on his iggy list. Doesn't that just make your day? If not, this little guy should.

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