Online FS Resources

This page lists some of the best and most reliable online resources for Fallen Sword Gameplay.

Reference Materials and Tools

Fallen Sword Guide
The ultimate (and essential) encyclopedia for Fallen Sword, including quests, creatures, items, locations, realms and enhancements.

Map Connection Pathways
Graphic charts describing how to get from one realm to another.

Varas Dungeon Portal Guide
A description of how to use the portal in Varas Dungeon to get from anywhere to anywhere, and a list of the destinations and costs available in the portals.

Fallen Sword Wiki
General information and Tutorials about playing Fallen Sword

Stats Calculator
Weband Excel based system for calculating stats from different equipment setups.

Attack and Damage Calculator
Figures out one-hit kill, effects of piercing hit, etc.

Best Items for a Given Level
Will tell you the top ten best items for any given level based on a given characteristic.

Hell Forge Calculator
Punch in the stats on an item and see how forging will affect it.

Find a Buffer!
When you can't find that buff you need, who you gonna call?

Fallen Sword Server Monitor
For when you're wondering if the servers being down is just you…

Bounty Hunter Set Up
We don't recommend bounty hunting at too low a level, but this good info when / if you start thinking about it.

Stamina Regen Times OR Stamina Calculator
Spreadsheet detailing how long it will take for stamina to regenerate and online calculator.


Kirsti's (Erish) Hints for New Fallen Sword Players
Since a lot of us have been recruiting new players to the game in droves, I thought I'd put together a general overview for getting started from scratch.

Fallen Sword Diary
A diary of a player's game play from level 1 to level 210 (and ongoing)

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