8 points to PvP

Point 1:
Anyone can be beaten. There is no invulnerable setup for offline situations, this is due to the fact the PvP system is bias to the attacker, they get the first swing and they get to change and adapt their gear to beat you. Its like playing football and you know what the defense is going to do every time.

Point 2: max defense
100% max defense isn't really the best defense, but it does have its place. If you are expecting bounties it does have a place because it will keep all the low level hunters off your back (at least the smart ones). But for regular offline gear max defense isn't really reliable since a pro thief will have the equipment to crack the best defense at all times. (since they have to be +/-5 levels)

  • Update: With all the fancy new potions and buffs the effect of Maximum defense is dwindling, It is not a chore at all for a player 100 levels below beat your defense with the right gear and a Keen Edge and Dark Curse.

Point 3:
. For example if you have 2k damage armor and attack that means they need 2200 damage or attack and 2200 armor or defense, this is really not easy to accomplish if they are in the same level range. Pretty much making it where if they miss they die!

Point 4: enhancements
Do not underestimate the enhancements. In PvP enhancements are HUGE especially dodge, nullify, reinforced armor (if you are going armor), First strike and Duelist. Duelist is sneaky good it enhances your attack and damage in PvP. so using above example they need about 2500 to defend themselves. Were talking percentages here not just a point or two.

Point 5: sets
Complete sets during offline are excellent choices, especially if it gives you maximum ratings on said enhancements above. This is what makes liekmar, shildora, KaX, Cacus elite PvP setups. They usually grant you that three headed beast setup to work around along with a pile of useful enhancements (occasionally Protect Gold and Protection also which is always nice to have)

Point 6: gear.
Of course storage space is key obviouslly you can only do what you can hold. So I suggest finding pieces to go around you current setup. Once you start getting really into the nitty gritty "I can whoop anything" kind of bounty hunter it is best to have max attack, defense, armor pieces to your disposal for your level (notice how I didn't say damage theres a couple reasons: We are born to kill and most of our level up points are in damage and your leveling gear is damage oriented 95% of the time).

Point 7: buffs.
Force Shield, Shock Wave, Last Ditch, Dark Curse and Stun are your friends. If you are on the board and in fight mode these buffs will kick in alot and if they cant cover your attacks they are toast. Empower is also sneaky good boosting up First Strike and Duelist if your guild has those structures. Deflect. Ahh deflect I personally don't like it all it does is prolong the inevitable, BUT it is still a roadblock because the common lay hunter will not attempt to start a bounty they feel they cannot finish. So this is definately a deterrent, also it stifles deleveling parties.
*When on offense always keep your eye on their buffs if they sneak in a dark curse mid bounty that can screw you up royally.

  • Update: with the new buffs, Keen Edge, Reflection, and Flinch are definite game changers. *( Try Nightmare Visage and Flinch in PVP)

Point 8: fight mode
Okay so now you feel your a good hunter and can knock out about anything in your path and you are on the board and you are online! Those are times to cherish Set Up your combat sets to various setups (Power Flank, Attack Flank, Leveling, Max defense etc) and juggle them around this confuses the hell out of your hunter and you will win a few times: PvP farmers really hate this because if you score a hit they usually lose more then they gain. De-leveling parties really really hate this, waste 100 stamina to lose… ya they hate that.

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