Relic List

This is a list of all known relics in Fallen Sword, sorted by level.

Name Realm Level Comments
Blue Chasm Mountain Path 1
Ethereal Pillars Ethereal Gateway 1
Krul Pyramid Krul Small Cave 14
Unholy Shrine Paladir Forest East 20 Guild does not capture.
Udan Sun Orb Udan Forest 28
Elven Forge Elven Hideout 30
Chaotic Symbol Burning Abyss (Level 3) 34
Moot Crypt Moot Forest East 40
Klar Worldstone Klar Labyrinth (Level 1) 48
Utapo Death Skull Utapo Flats West 48
Pyramid of Protection Ellan Port Outskirts 55
Feidal Power Obelisk Feidal Swamps North 65
Endlore Giants Reach Endlore Valley North 70
Despair Crystal Depths of Despair (Level 2) 85
Temple of the Gods Eldora Plains (East) 98
Ruined Crypt Enkmar Scrubland (North) 107
Kentlor Mine Kentlor Caves (North) 113
Spirit Bog Jahd Swamps (North) 125
Sacrificial Alter Dekma Jungle (North) 130
Lookout Menhir Metlair (North) 140
Ruined Temple Ekloren (South) 152
Serpent Tree Emerye (North) 160
Sun Dial Pelrei (South) 172
Demonic Idol Brale (South) 181
Temple of Lightning Ephal Swamp (South) 286
The Fallen Star Krysa (West) 298
Pyramid of Annot Selari (East) 303
Leora Becon Cereas (West) 314
Tree of Eternal Fire Inual (West) 318
Mists of Concelment Peitha (West) 324
Temple of Mar Aeresi (South) 332
Ice Claws Erodum (South) 336
Ruzdum Keep Korundor (West) 344
Ward of Dagoresh Maw of Dagoresh 349
Enchanted Cottage Mountain Heights 351
Elithra Crystal Cluster Hidden Valley (East) 367
Glowing Lava Crystal Broken Lands (South) 375
Searing Orb Wasteland (South) 381
Aspiring Formation Fractured Foundations 393
Wretched Abyss Seething Caverns 399
Crossroads City of Xinderoth 400
Tower Orb Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 13) 413
The Jolly Rodger Craggy Coastline (Upper) 425
Emblazoned Warrior Stheno Lake (Edge) 438
Kreth Crystals Caves of Kreth (Level 8) 448
Ritualistic Statue Troll Hold 459
Resolute Crystal Thundersnow Valley (East) 462
Statue of Degrot Wastes of Kruz (Plain) 472
Holy Crystals Castle Morbidstein (Fortress Upper)
Ral Worldstone
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