Roleplay Guide

Suggestions for Online Roleplay

(most of this may not apply to guild chat roleplay)

Your Back Story: First find out who your character is, where they have been and why they are the way they are. Stick to this story and roll with it. Makes sure it’s not too detailed so that you can manipulate it with each role play partner you come across. Remember it’s improv, so they might not be thinking along the same story line.

You're not God: Make sure your Character doesn’t have a god complex. You need bad habits and flaws to make your character more real, such as clumsy or hates spiders. Anything! So long as you don’t go through conflicts without a hitch. That just makes for a boring story line. Also have fun with your flaws, over exaggerate them. If your clumsy trip over little things all the time.

Strengths: Along with weakness you also need strength to make a good character. Full of courage, has a black belt, can make a mean taco. Pick only a few, and pump them up. Stick to them through the story as if you're proud of them. Don’t be so modest!

Details: There is nothing worse then writing a paragraph and getting a one liner in return. One liners don’t just slow the story down, but it makes it hard to end up anywhere. The more you give your partner the more they can give back. The key is detail. The more detail the easier it is for their character and your character to get involved in the story. Try to help the other person enjoy the world in your head. Instead of “holds out a jewel” say *She moves slowly to her pocket and pulls out a small sphere that appeared black. As she brings it closer to the fire it shines a deep purple, reflecting bursts of purple patterns in her open palm.* (also keep in mind quality is better then quantity)

Be Decisive: Don’t respond with “whatever” or “if that’s what you want *sighs*” if someone asked you a question. If your partner asks Right or Left… Pick one and start an adventure down that path. (exceptions are always made)

Leave your Partner hanging: Try not to resolve the problem you have created. Leave it to them figure it out Think of it like your favourite book, TV series. They always leave you in that moment of wanting more. This makes it fun for your partner, allows them to get the creative juices flowing. This also give you a quicker response.

Suggestions for Roleplay in Guild Chat

(some of this could as well apply to other roleplay)

Distinguish between "In-Character (IC)" and "Out-Of-Character (OOC)". Which has worked quite well for myself (Landenor) and LadyNyah is to presume that all chat messages are OOC. And that all IC messages are specially flagged.

  1. Use *** *** to mark the start and end your IC message. This would enable you to write lead ins and other commentary
  2. Use quotes " " to emphasize on your characters speech

Example: *** Landenor suddenly appears from around a corner, grabs Nyah from behind and throws her in the air. "Hello my love, bet you missed me! " he shouts, before gently catching her in his arms, pressing his lips on hers, in a long kiss. ***

Don't force your actions or a response onto another person. Rather than "Erish jumps into the hot tub, completely soaking Nyah with water", try something like "Erish jumps into the hot tub with a huge splash, sending water flying in all directions". That way, Nyah (and anyone else who wants to jump in) can decide whether they get wet and exactly how much. In the same way, try and avoid statements that tell another person how they react. "Erish walks past in her new armor, looking so stunningly amazing that your jaw drops wide open." You may not like my new armor (though I can't quite believe that), so a better pose would be "Erish walks past in her new armor, casually glancing around for the reactions that she might be causing."

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