Solome and the Dragon leave the hall of Dark Siege

Leaving Dark Siege

*I’sa DONTS wants to GOES , Lady Solome.!!* < a pout forms on his long snout> *Whys musts this dragon and the lady leaves Dark Siege. They likes this dragon heres??*
Eyes sparkling with unshed tears Solome replies to the dragon “ Now, we talked about this” She pauses her voice rough with emotion , clearing her throat she continues “I do not want this either but in life we do things for those we care about . We do what must be done. “
A shudder of suppressed emotion shakes the woman’s shoulders. Rubbing her temples with her hands she reflects on her decision.
Her heart aches and she feels as if her world is ripping apart.
Squaring her shoulders she looks at the dragon before her.— Loyal friend , sworn to protect her, the large black dragon stands uncertain and clearly upset.
“You may stay here, in Dark Siege , if you desire, dragon. I release you from your bound oath” His visage blurs before her as the tears fill and spill over from her eyes.
The dragon reaches out a taloned digit and catches a tear on its tip.
He looks at her angrily , eyes blazing red “ Onlys THIS dragon can RELEASE this dragon from his spoken oath!! “ He bangs his chest with a forepaw “ ANDS this dragon ISNA NOT completed with his atonement towards the Lady Solome and her family”

He gives her a toothy grin and continues “ Does thou thinks that yousa SIRE ‘s ghost wouldsts nots comes and whaps this dragons BUTT, ifnas I’sa lets you into the FIELDS withs outs this dragon?? “ the dragon snorts, “ I ‘sa Says whens I GOES , NOTS you!”

Smiling softly , Solome pats the dragons cheek “This dragon rider is very pleased that this dragon chooses to accompany her on this journey she must take” she wraps her arms around his neck and whispers a thank you into his ear.

Letting him go she walks to a pile of equipment.. Gathering up the pack with the belongings she chose to take with her, she motions the dragon to follow.
“ I’sa is leavings this dragons KETCHUP for the DS Guildies. With all the mutant crickets , they may need it!” He leaves a pile of half empty and full ketchup bottles in the middle of the chat room floor.

Solome walk to the middle of the guildhall where the table sits. She puts a scroll on the on its surface. Solome turns slowly in a circle, taking one last look around . This place had been her home for many a Fallen Sword day. She would miss each and EVERY one of her fellow guild mates. From her pocket she draws an ancient brass key , its glittering surface polished with a patina of age and much use. Solome clutches it tightly in her hand one last time. Slowly, opening her hand , she lets the key fall to the large meeting table . It hits with a ringing that seems to echo in her heart. She hangs her head, her sorrow seems to cover her like a blanket.

“Where wills we goes , Lady Solome? “ The dragon asks her softly, breaking through her misery.
She takes a deep breath and looks into the dragon’s eyes.
“We will go forth and find our way in the fields, dragon. We did it before we came to these halls and will again.”
Walking towards the door she turns and beckons the dragon to follow.
“Come , its time” she opens the door and walks through it for the last time.
The dragon ducks his head as he follows her , leaving the door to shut softly behind them.

Several members of Dark Siege return from the fields from hunting. They gather around the table , and see the scroll addressed to Dark Siege Guildies
“Should we read it ?” Inenynal asks the others “ Or wait for Binarus or Stout or some other dark noble??”
“It is addressed to the GUILDIES, I say read it!” Fplaster says. The rest nod in assent and Inenynal unrolls the scroll and reads it out loud softly.

“”The dragon and I are heading off to other parts of Fallen Sword. The dragon is leaving his ketchup stash behind for any that want it. I wish everyone well and hope to see you in the fields of Fallen Swords, as allies, of course. May all your hunts be successful, May the treasure you hunt be plentiful. Know this- the dragon and I will always have Dark Siege in our thoughts. Take care Good Hunting and Fair day

Solome and the dragon

This account of Solome's Saga
written this 26th day of August 2008

Solome Sends a Scroll

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