Solome Sends A Scroll

The dragon stands at the gate of Dark Siege wistfully. Smoke curls from his nostrils… Hearing the revelry from within. He smiles, from behind him, Solome strides with a scroll in hand. She tucks it in to the gate, pats it as if telling it to stay and returns to the dragon’s side.
He smiles down at her “ Yousa thinks they will find it? “
Glancing back to the gate then up at her fire-breathing friend “ Of course, someone will spot it there “ she pauses “ I think?”
Patting his forearm, “ Come old friend, lets wander to The Nest and see what tasks are needing to be done today “ She begins to walk away. The dragon stops her, a thoughtful expression on his face “ You’sa misses thems likeds I’sa does, yes??”
Eyes sparkling with moisture “ Aye of course, dear friend. They are ever in my thoughts “
Nodding once, the dragon gathers Solome into his arms and tosses her onto his back. Just giving her enough time to grab hold, he lifts off the ground and wings away from the halls of Dark Siege.

A time later the scroll falls off the gate and rolls into the pathway.

A warrior, weary from battling in the realms makes their way home to Dark Siege Halls.
Spying the scroll, the figure stops and retrieves it from the path. Seeing it addressed to the guild, the warrior carries it inside and places it on the guildhall table.

He removes his sword, helm and armor and eases himself into a chair at the table.

He smiles at a servant as she sets down a tankard of ale in front of him.
Leaning close she whispers “ The dragon sent it for the ladies of DS but I am sure he would not mind ye washing the dust of travelling from your throat with it. I do remember the creature to be of a somewhat generous nature “

Nodding he takes up the tankard in his hand and gulps down the ale. The servant refills it and walks away to do other tasks. He sets his tankard down and picks up the scroll in front of him.

The warrior breaks the seal on the scroll and begins to read. —-

“Greetings to ye of Dark Siege, it has been a time since the dragon and I have walked your guild halls, none the less, we wanted to let you know we think still of all there. Reading the guild lists we have noted that there are new names amongst the old.
Some will not know of the dragon and his single-minded quest for ketchup, hopefully some will remember him fondly. And remember too the Lady Solome as well.

The dragon and I are making the push to engage the Xinderoth in battle. It will be a long journey, I fear. However, we shall endeavor to do our best. It will be a quarter of a hundred before we reach the creature, we will be going at it with a single mindedness that will make it like we are ignoring all. Not the case at all, of course.

Be well those of Dark Siege. As we slash our way through the realms, be sure we will leave ketchup (the dragon wanted that in there) and other mementos to mark that we have passed through.

Until we meet again!

Lady S and the dragon”

The warrior smiles and sets the scroll down on the table. Taking two empty tankards, he places them to hold open the scroll. He stands, gathers up his gear and heads to his room, leaving the scroll from Lady Solome for all to read, on the table.

March 15, 2009
Written by Solome
I’sa Standing rights heres.. This dragon helpeds too!!
Laughing Solome smiles.. “Yes and written with the dragons help as well”

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