Standard Wiki Page Elements


Guild Header

This header should be included on all pages having the guild itself or it's operations as the main subject.

[[f<image /shared-images/DSLogo.jpg style=style="padding: 2em;"]]

DSA Header

This header should be included on all educational materials or pages having DSA and it's operations as the main subject.

[[f<image /shared-images/DSALogo.jpg style="padding: 2em;"]]


This footer should be included on any pages that have child pages.

**Child Pages**
[[module ChildPages]]


All pages should be tied in to an appropriate parent page, so that the wiki tree works properly, and all pages can be found. The parent is set by hitting the options button on the bottom of the page, then selecting parent from the second row that appears.

The name of the page is the same name as is used in linking to a wiki page.


All pages should be tagged with appropriate key words. Try to use key words that exist already, but if they don't exist - feel free to introduce new ones.

Note: There is a bug in the wiki code - if you add tags for the first time, the last one will be replaced with the second last one - unless you enter the last tag twice. When editing an existing tag list, the bug does not occur.

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