Stats Tutorial


This guide will walk you through the basics of how to analyze your personal stats in game - attack, damage, defense, armor and hit points (HP) - and compare those statistics against a target creature or player you want to try to kill. Some scenarios on how to increase your statistics when required will also be discussed. This is the first of three parts, and it continues in Stats Tutorial II.

This walk through will use a basic equipment setup as per the Dark Siege equipment plan for that level. We'll take a look at a few scenarios, but first, let's understand where the stats come from.

Stats Breakdown

The following spreadsheet snapshot breaks down a player's total stats to show where they come from.


Base Stats

Base stats are the total of the default points you start with in the game and points you assign when you level up. These points are enhanced by many buffs, and it's important to know when selecting buffs whether they enhance base stats or your enhanced stats.

The Bottom Line

*In this example, the bottom line is this - we can hit and kill the creature, the creature can hit but not kill us - so we are in a position to safely one-hit this creature, and survive the 2% of attacks that will fail.*

The majority of your level up points should be in damage. There is some debate that a minimal investment in attack level up points is handy, but your total base stats on attack should probably not exceed 20 at any point in the game.

Putting points into defense, armor or hit points is generally considered to be a waste of time.

Note: Recently proposed new buffs may change the prevailing wisdom that all level up points should go into damage.

Enhanced Stats

Guild Structures

Guild structures are built and maintained for the benefit of all members of the guild. The following table describes the structures which enhance your stats, where 'level' refers to the level of the structure, not your level. All of Dark Siege's structures are maxed in level.

Structure Maxed Description
Battle Totem attack +40 Increases the Attack of all guild members by +2 per level.
Health Shrine hit points +100 Increases the HP of all guild members by +5 per level.
Armory defense +40, armor +40 Increases the defense and armor of all guild members by +2 per level.
Weaponsmith damage +60 Increases the damage of all guild members by +3 per level.


Relics can be captured for awhile by a guild member using a group. While the guild controls the relics, your stats may be enhanced (this varies by relic). If our guild holds the Ice Claws for example, this results in armor +50, hit points +15. If the relic is taken from the guild, your stats will drop back.


The following set (screen shotted from FS Calculators-Stats) shows the equipment our hypothetical level 49 player might use.

This lineup is based on the Plague Set, augmented with pieces from Girath, Zhann, Fire Dragon and Reborn Guardian. None of the equipment is forged.


As you can see, in addition to the individual equipment stats, there are also bonuses for using a complete set. Once you are over level 5, you should always have at least one complete set equipped.


Buffs (or Skills) are cast on you by yourself or another player, or can be put into effect by quaffing potions.

No buffs are shown at the moment. We'll get to them later.

A One Hit WalkThrough

Now let's take a loot at a creature we might want to hit with this setup - for example the Ravager, found in Death Gorge East.

Below we see a table that shows our stats and the stats of our target critter, the Ravager, and a display of the four basic questions you need answered when analyzing your stats versus this creature.


Let's walk through the four basic questions.

Can You One-Hit?

When hunting, you want to one-hit so you use the least amount of stamina (each hit costs stamina) while gaining the xp from the kill. One-hitting (killing the creature in a single hit) is as good as it gets.

Do You Hit?

The first question that needs to be asked is - can you actually hit the creature? This is calculated by comparing your attack to their defense. If your attack is greater than their defense, you will be able to hit the creature*. In this case we have 70 points more attack that the creature's maximum defense, so we will usually hit the creature. There is always an automatic 2% chance you will miss, regardless of the numbers.

*It should be noted that the % of times you hit is not always 98%, but depends on the Attack-Defense Difference. 8-15% difference is needed to reach this 98% (exact number has not been released by the Cows, 11% is the number most people refer to).

Do You Kill?

In order to kill a creature, your damage must exceed their combined armor and hit points. If you do not have more damage than this, they will survive to hit you back and you'll need to hit them again. Since we want to one-hit, we really want to ensure as high a damage as possible. In this case we exceed the required damage by 233 points - so we kill the creature in one hit.

Will You Survive a Miss?

Remember there is always an automatic 2% chance you will miss, regardless of the numbers? When you're hunting, you hit hundreds of creatures, so there's a good chance the creature is going to get a return blow, regardless of how good your attack and damage is, so it's important to run the numbers in reverse as well to know you will survive an attempted return blow.

Note that only one of these two questions needs to be a no - the creature can either be unable to hit you, or unable to kill you and you will survive. Most players go with high defense or high armor when hunting, but not both.

At higher levels, you often need to trade off one-hitting vs. if you miss you die, since it becomes impossible to have sufficient attack and damage combined with sufficient armor and/or defense.

Will the Creature Hit?

Similar to the above, you first need to see if the creature can hit you. This is calculated by comparing the creature's attack to your defense. If the creature's attack is greater than your defense, they will be able to hit you. In this case the critter has 47 points more attack that our defense, so the creature will hit us. Uh Oh.

Will the Creature Kill?

Fortunately we sill have another way to survive. If our armor+hp exceeds the damage dealt by the creature, we will be hurt but not killed. In this case we are ok by 276 points - so we easily survive and live to smack the creature down.

The Bottom Line

In this example, the bottom line is that we can hit and kill the creature 98% of the time, and the creature when swinging back can hit us but not kill us - so we live to get another shot in and smack it down.

We can safely one-hit hunt this creature.

Next, we walk through how to fix problems when we aren't actually one-hitting, in Stats Tutorial II.

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