Stats Tutorial II

Houston We Have a Problem

We walked through the basics of how to calculate stats and compare them to a target critter in Stats Tutorial I. This tutorial also continues in Stats Tutorial III.

Now, we're going to take a look at soloing an Elite, the Corrupted Knight. If we run the numbers on this guy, we find out we can't one hit him with our existing gear, and we can't survive his counter-attack.


While we hit him just fine, we're short 50 points in damage. As well, he easily hits us with 170 extra points of attack, and kills us with 76 points of damage to spare.

But all hope is not lost - there are a number of ways to get to the point where we will be able to solo this goofy gap toothed and mustachioed villain.

Looking at our situation, we definitely need more damage (to be able to kill the Knight when we hit). We also need more of either defense (to prevent the Knight from hitting us) or armor or hp (to prevent the Knight from killing us when he does hit). Since we're closer on the armor/hp (76 points short vs 170 points short on the defense) we'll target raising the armor and hit points, not the defense.

We need: 50 damage, 76 armor/hp.

Equipment Improvements

One way we can improve our stats is by changing our gear.


Obviously one answer might be to just get a different piece of gear to use while smacking this critter down. This is usually cheaper and easier than crafting or forging, so we check for this first.

We don't want to break up the Plague set, but we can see if we can improve the armor or damage by replacing the amulet, weapon, shield, rune or ring. Checking the Best Items tool we discover that replacing the rune with the Flamed Rune looks promising, since it adds damage, armor and hitpoints.


Checking the guild store, we find a one that is Perfect, FF - with stats of damage +60, armor +22, hit points +20. This results in gains of 26 damage and 37 armor/hp, so we put it on.

We need: 24 damage, 39 armor/hp.


Not all equipment is craftable, but when it is - it's usually a good idea to craft the equipment to at least Excellent level. The results from crafting are somewhat random - but you can check the auction house to see where the stats will approximately end up. Anyone who figures out definite rules on how crafting scales stat numbers, let me know… ;-)

In the case of our gear setup, we have one item that is not yet crafted - the Shield of Girath. Let's assume we craft this item to Excellent, with the resulting stats of damage +38 and armor +34.

This results in gaining 9 points of damage and 11 points of armor.

We need: 15 damage, 28 armor/hp.

Hell Forging

Hell forging is a predictable process with fixed costs. You spend 2fsp and an increasing amount of gold to increase the stats on a given item. You can add 5 forges to an item, with increasing cost but also increasing benefit as you forge. The fewer stats that are affected by an item, the more the increase in those individual stats. The best item to forge is the Plague Boots.

We can preview the improvements using the Hell Forge Calculator.


If we FF the boots, we gain 17 damage, 17 armor and 17 hit points.

We need: 0 damage, 0 armor/hp.

We are now ready to solo the Elite.

The Bottom Line

So having substituted in the Flamed Rune, crafted the Shield of Girath and forged the Plague Boots, our set now looks like this…


… resulting in the following overall stats …


… enabling us to one-hit our grinning villian …


Next in Stats Tutorial III … How to use Buffs and Relics to bump stats even higher.

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