Stats Tutorial III

Calculating and Selecting Buffs

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

In this section of the Stats Tutorial, we'll take the resulting equipment setup from Stats Tutorial II and go after an even tougher critter, the Ravager (Champion).

As we can see from the chart below, we are short about 44 points of attack to be able to hit the Ravager.


This time, instead of using equipment upgrades to raise our stats, we're going to see if we can do it by having a buff (or skill) cast on us. We'll assume we have a level 250 player (with maxed skills and in a guild with a fully upgraded Fury Shrine, resulting in level 150 buffs) who is buffing us.

Which Buffs Do We Need?

Increase Our Attack?

We can check the Buff Guide to see which buffs we might ask for. Since we are short of attack, we're going to look at the buffs that increase attack to enable us to hit the raving champ.

The nominees are:

Buff Effect Level 150 Buff Effect on our Stats
Rage +0.2% to base attack per point. Our base attack is 20 points, so this buff adds 30%, for attack +6
Fury +0.1% base Attack and +0.1% base Damage per point. Our base attack is 20 points, so this buff adds 15%, for attack +3
Enchant Weapon +0.1% per point stat bonus increase to your equipped weapon (Excludes 'Gain' bonuses). The Ew150 only affects the Fire Dragon Blade, so our gains is attack +6.

Combined these three buffs only result in attack +15 - hardly enough to overcome our 44 point deficit.

Lower Creatures Defense?

If we stopped there we'd give up on buffing and go back to an equipment upgrade - but there is another option. We aren't necessarily trying to get attack higher - we could lower the defense of the creature. For that, we have…

Buff Effect Level 150 Buff Effect on our Stats
Dark Curse +0.2% reduction of opponents defense per point The creature's defense is lowered by 30%, or 95 points.

Buffed And Ready To Go

If we are buffed with DC, we can see that the creatures defense is now low enough for us to hit without even needing the other three buffs.


So you are now able to one-hit the Ravager (Champion).

Enhancements and Specialized Buffs.

One thing you'll notice about the Ravager (Champion) is that it is a Demon. We haven't discussed it here, but it turns out the Banishment enhancement results in a small increase in damage when hitting demons. Sadly, this increase is not specified as an exact number by the Cows. Depending on the banishment percentage, this can make a difference when near the line on damage.

We weren't short of damage in this example, so we conveniently left it out. ;-)

There are a number of different Enhancements that apply to different classes of creatures.

Holy Flame

One buff well worth getting when it applies is Holy Flame. Holy Flame only applies when hunting Undead creatures - but if you're short of damage and working a level with Undead in it - it will take you to one hitting pretty quickly.


From time to time your guild may hold one or more Relics. These relics have the effect of increasing the stats and/or enhancements of all members of the guild that hold it. Some relics in lower level realms have fairly modest improvements to offer, but other relics can be quite significant.

One relic that would have been useful in this example is the Sun Dial in Pelrei (South). This relic has the following stats:

  • +80 Attack
  • +5 HP
  • +25 Holy
  • +25 Protection
  • +25 Protect Gold
  • +25 Sustain

So we can see that if our guild had been holding the Sun Dial, we would not have been short attack at all, and would not have required the Dark Curse buff.

Dying Unexpectedly?

Creatures have enhancements too, and in particular Piercing Strike and Critical Hits, when administered by a monster, can play hell with these basic numbers:

  • Piercing Strike: Chance to reduce target armor to 50% if successful.
  • Critical Hit: Very small chance to do double damage with a successful hit.

So if you're dying when you don't expect it, check to see if the critter scored a piercing strike or critical hit against you.


A variety of Potions exist, that can either be concocted or bought. In essence drinking a potion has the same end effect as receiving a buff. Your Character benefits of the enhancements for a certain amount of time. Why I added Potions here, is that it is now possible to concoct the Dull Edge Potion. It lowers a creature's Piercing Strike enhancement by 10%. Which might just help you to live through an otherwise fatal encounter.

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