The MATH on Attack and SURVIVAL

Part one (that means this one ) will explain the logic behind setting specific attribute objectives for your setup, according to your level and your target monster.

Basic principles.

1. Fallen guide ( is your friend. Use it often. It will provide you all the info you need on items, locations, maps and creatures. When you dont have the stamina to play - spend the time on planning. Also use the official forum for supplementary info.

2. The logic in hunting for leveling is to maximise the ratio Experience/stamina point. While some other stuff can be done to improve it (use Adept learner, Elite hunter, Librarian, hunt in places crowded with monsters to avoid stamina wasting on movement) the main thing to do is to use gear that allows the famous one hit kills. Going from one hit kills to two hit kills will halve the exp/stam ratio. 50% loss. That's huge.

3.Know your enemy and adapt your gear to it. Different monsters require different setups.

Now let's see how you set up your gear. First thing, you check your level and your desired hunting ground (watch out for area level limitations). You then go on Fallen Guide and check your potential target monsters (usually 1-4 levels above you). Monsters, just like you, have 5 different statistics.

Attack - determines (in relation with the enemy's defence) if the attack is going to land or miss. Important: a minimal 2% odd of hitting or missing is guaranteed, regardless of the attack/defence numbers.

Damage - after being reduced by the armor it will determine the number of HP points lost.

Defence - helps you not getting hit

Armor - reduces the damage taken if you are hit

HP - health points - your lifebar, if it gets to 0 you're dead.

Simply said, when designing your setup, you need to do one hit kills while at the same time surviving an enemy attack. There are two ways to design your surviving setup, focused on either armor or defence (there is a third that focuses on none but it's rare). Usually people like focusing on armor and neglecting defence, because of the 2% odd of hitting/missing in the attack/defence dynamics.

So - after choosing your target, your objectives are:

1. Your armor should beat his damage
2. Your attack should beat his defence (otherwise you'll miss a lot)
3. Your damage should beat the sum of his armor and HP.

From here you should understand the importance of putting all your stat points in Damage and, partially, in Attack. The Damage stat has to beat a sum of two statistics instead of a single one. So -

ALWAYS PUT STAT POINTS IN DAMAGE AND ATTACK (a 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 ratio is suggested)

When I say "should beat" it means it should reliably be higher. If your attack is just 1 point higher than his defence you will still miss a alot. The exact formula for this is not really known but in my opinion it's probably something like:

Attack has to be 10.53% higher then his defence
Armor has to be 10.53% higher then his damage.

for damage: the damage needed for 1 or 2 hit kill is:

One hit Damage = (21 * armor + 20 * HP)/19

Two hit Damage = (21 * armor + 10 * HP)/19Attack has to be 10.53% higher then his defence To hit *(aside from 2% rule)

Armor has to be 10.53% higher then his damage. To survive

NOTE* Check formulas, I'm not a mathmatician.

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