The Purple Orb

A Story of the Adventures of Sarphina and OshiKuRoo……

*each entry is a pm back to the other player, as the story builds every time

Sarphina: Sarphina was a young lady about 18 when she entered the guild. Her mentor Binarus had spoken so fondly about this place she was now to be apart of. She never knew her father, but was always told stories of her mother and how her mother was sick, so sick she could no longer care for her so Sarphina was sent away. Sarphina lived with a rich family, but they treated her as if she was their work child. Her jobs were hard for a small girl. They were meant for older boys. She remembered that day when Biny (for that is what she called him) noticed her ratty clothes and messy hair. Biny had known her mother and had promised to make sure she was okay. When he found Sarphina in that state, he took her in that night and raised her himself. Because of this she had to hide away, and never had a mother figure or any friends but Biny. Biny did a fine job of raising her to be a warrior, strong and courageous.

However gracefulness, she was lacking. She is now 18 headstrong and eager to show what she can do in the guild. She was soon hit with the reality of the many people, the rules to learn, the quotas to make. Everything was so overwhelming. She was revealed when she met OshiKuRoo, a gentle, but brave and beautiful girl with the grace of many angels. Right away OshiKuRoo welcomed her into the guild with open arms and showed her around. That's where the story begins amongst the tents in the camp. Sarphina and OshiKuRoo where sitting by the river near her camp, when Sarphina asked curiously “Oshi? How did you get here? You seem to be a mystery to me; I can't quite figure you out.”

Oshikuroo: Oshi picks a few more flowers by banks of the river to finish the flower necklace she was working on. Oshi looks up at Sarphina, “A Mystery?” She hands Sarphina the necklace she had just made. “I'm not that much of a mystery, my young MeiMei.” She looks off a few feet away to make sure Lil Roo doesn't get into too much trouble as he flings the sticks he has in his hands like he's playing an imaginary instrument. “I loved my father dearly. He was a great warrior, a samurai warrior; the best in the orient. Brave men would come for miles to learn the ways of the samurai from Nakuroo. But I wasn't allowed to learn for my mother wouldn't have it. It wasn't proper for a lady to learn the ways of the sword. So I secretly watched and learned as my father taught. Secretly he knew I was learning and would give me tips and lessons behind my mothers back. For I was an only child, my father still wanted his legacy to live on through me. But mother was persistent and she always won.”

Oshi picks up Lil Roo and gives him a loving tender hug and lets him back down to play. “Which it will, in my son here Roo, but I digress. One day war came to the lands and the Emperor called on Nakuroo and his warriors to fight in his Imperial army. But there was one in the army that didn't like my father, ShouChen. He was jealous of all the honor and glory Nakuroo had. ShouChen couldn't bear it. He secretly had his men raid our home while my father was away at battle. They brutally killed my mother and all our servants. I hid in my favorite cherry blossom tree for it had a hole in the stump big enough just for me. They never found me. Then in battle the Evil ShouChen came after my father. He didn't know what had happened for he thought that ShouChen came to help him, but he only came to slay him. Stripping him of his Honor by cutting off his long hair, for it is a sign of strength, before running him through. From that day forth I studied my father’s scrolls, and learned from the best of his students. I vowed that day that I will be the best Samurai Warrior there ever was!” Oshi pulls out her samurai sword with a shiny green emerald. With Fire and Passion in Oshi's eyes, as a small tear trickles down her face falling onto the glimmering emerald, she says. “This was my fathers.

One day I will find ShouChen and pay him the same disrespect and bring honor back to my family!” Oshi wipes her eyes with a silk woven cloth tattered from the years. No doubt her mother’s, Sarphina thought. “Sorry, I get so emotional when I tell that story for I have no leads on where ShouChen is. I hope that Dark Siege can help me further my training and through our connections find the Luh Suh that did this. Come Sarphina, it’s getting late.” She sheaths her sword and picks up Lil Roo. “We must head back into camp.”

Sarphina: Sporting her new wonderfully made flower necklace, Sarphina agrees with OshiKuRoo and stands up. As they are strolling back towards the camp Sarphina, almost whispering, softly says. “Your story is tragic, but your desires of restoring honor, is noble. If I can help you in any way, I will.” She grabs Oshi's hand and gives it a squeeze. As they come to the entrance of the camp, they notice about five men who have built a fire, were laughing and joking around. Extrastout being one of the men looks over spotting them, in mid laugh his face turns stern. “Isn't it a bit late for you girls to be out and about without your armor?” The girls both smile sheepishly. “Sorry Stout,” Sarphina replies, “we got caught up in story telling by the river.” “Don't let it be a habit!” Extrastout barks, “Now get in there before I tell on the both of you!” There is a slight twinkle in his eyes. Sarphina could have sworn she saw a smirk but not sure if he's joking or serious. Just in case of the latter, she giggles as she grabs OshiKuRoo by the arm and hurries to the entrance.

Sounds of Lil Roo's giggles fill the air as he enjoys all the commotion along with the two girls. As they slow down, now inside the camp, OshiKuRoo spots a purple sphere catching a reflection from the glow of the fire, half buried in the dirt. Pointing she asks, “What is that?” Sarphina bends over digging in the ground trying to get a grasp of it, finally the sphere budges and she picks it up. “What is it?”

Oshikuroo: “Well I don’t know; let me have a closer look!” Oshi takes the sphere from Sarphina’s hands. It fit perfectly in the palm of her hand. “Gosh! It’s really dirty!” Oshi starts to rub the side of the sphere and starts to notice some writing. Oshi smirks, “Watch a genie pops out! That’ll be cool now wouldn’t it! I still can’t figure out what it says. It’s way too dark out here.” Just then one of the five men breaks away from the campfire. Lil Roo gives out a coo with a bit of toddler gibberish alerting Oshi to the approaching man. Quickly, Oshi buries the ornate sphere in the folds of her kimono. Oshi whispers to Sarphina, “I’m not too sure who that is, but he’s coming this way. Follow me!”

The two cohorts quickly dart off between the tents. “I think we can lose him!” As they came near Oshikuroo’s tent, she asks, “Is he still following?” Sarphina replies, “Nah I don’t think so. No wait!” As the dark figure turns the corner, Oshi says, “Quick in here!” As they duck into the back opening of her tent, they crouched on the floor wondering if the dark figure had passed by. Just then, the front flap opens and a dark figure approaches. As he lights a lantern, Oshi responds with a sigh of relief, “OHH! It’s you!”

Sarphina: A tall handsome man walks into the tent. Lil Roo coos and makes his way to his father. It was DocSaro, he scooped up his precious boy and with a hit of mischievous, faces the girls. “What are you two up to now?” OshiKuRoo opens her hand and as the light from the lantern hits it just right the sphere begins to splash purple patterns from her open palm to the walls of the tent. She smiles at DocSaro and says innocently with a grin stretch wide across her face. “Nothing much.” DocSaro stares at the gem in her hand with surprise and horror. “Where did you get that? Put that away before someone sees it.” He starts looking around. “Why what is it?” Sarphina asks. “Do you know what the writing says?” OshiKuRoo wraps the sphere is a small cloth and places it safely in her pocket. “No I don't know, but I know someone who might.” DocSaro steps out of the tent and hand Lil Roo to Oshi while the Sarphina trailed behind. “Follow me closely,” he whispers.

More To Come………

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