The Saga of Solome

How Solome Met the dragon

Now in this land there was a knight by name Goddard. He had wedded in his youth to a noble lady of proud race and name. Goddard and Ysemay had long dwelt together in peace and content, for their hearts were fixed on one another in faith and loyalty. Their lives were blessed with three sons (Alain, Gawayne, Teirbron, who was the youngest of the brood) and one beauty of a daughter by name of Solome.

Time passed on and although kind to Sir Goddard it had begun to show on his face when chanced that the wealth and fortune that Goddard had acquired, drew the interest of a black knight from a far land.

The black knight was greedy and wanted the wealth of the lands that Sir Goddard had worked for all his life. The black knight raised an army and invaded the lands surrounding the keep of Sir Goddard. The battle raged through the long day. Sir Goddard’s knights fought well and valiantly. The lord kept looking to the skies as if searching for something.

Night fell upon the battlefield. It was too dark to distinguish between friend and foe and the fighting ceased. The dead lay around on all sides. Goddard’s knights wandered about seeking their friends and shouting to one another in the gloom. The men of the black knight were doing the same, and occasionally hand-to-hand encounters took place. Late in the night all shouting from the black knights men’s ceased and then Sir Goddard’s men knew that their enemies had fled and that the battle was a victory. Albeit a sad one, the noble lord, Sir Goddard and 2 of his three sons lay upon the bloody battlefield dead from grievous wounds.
Bonfires were lighted upon the field of battle. The dead were piled in great heaps, to be buried upon the next day.

Upon the tower stood a cloaked figure, having watched the entire battle until the darkness covered the battlefield.
The cloaked figure turned and made the way down the tower in the dark. Running to the fallen Sir Goddard and his sons. The lady Ysemay had already made her way out of the castle and was beside her fallen husband, mourning his loss.
Lady Ysemay’s scream filled the air “ Nay!! Nay My lord!!” The lady of the keep hoarsely cried, “ There has not been enough time for us, my lord Goddard!” Tears streaming down her face. “I pray thee, do not leave me!”

Her pleas were in vain, the valiant knight was dead. Her maid of the solar gently pulled the distraught woman into her arms..
“There, there my lady” she patted her back and offered what comfort she could. The cloaked figure stood silent, head covered by the hood hiding any features that could be seen.

“Ye should nae be here” A grizzled knight reached out and grabbed the figure’s arm
“ It’s nae safe for ye to be here” It was Sir Balian, who had often rode as Sir Goddard’s right hand man at arms.
Speaking for the first time the cloaked figure replied “ Had you and my father not locked me in the tower, I could have helped defend my home!”

Flinging back the hood, blue eyes blazing, revealed the cloaked figure to be of a young woman.

“Tis foolish ye are! And foolish yer father was, May God his soul, to teach ye the way of the sword!” Sir Balian angrily told her.

“Who let ye loose then?” the grizzled knight asked her.

“You need not worry, Sir. It was Teirbron who turned the bolt letting me free, no servant disobeyed the great knights of Sir Goddard’s keep!” she spat at him.

Her back to the knight, tears welling in her eyes she knelt beside her fallen sire and brothers. Touching each of her older brothers faces in reverence. Knowing she would never see their eyes sparkling with some trickery or praise towards her.

Wiping her fathers face with a soft cloth, she whispered her good byes. Placing a kiss of good- bye on his cheek, Solome pushes herself off the ground into a standing position. She seems to steel herself and curbs her emotions.

Turning towards the grizzled knight. “ We must make preparations for their burial, and fortify the keep against the black knight’s return.”

A loud roar sounded across the dark battlefield. Men scattered running shouting about a monster. Swinging around Solome grabs her eldest brother’s sword, from where the knight lay fallen.

“Lady Solome!” the grizzled knight shouted, “Ye must get back to the keep!”

Solome turns her back on him and runs out onto the battlefield, her braid flying behind her.
As the moon rose over a hill, through the mist a huge dark figure makes it way over the crest of it. Solome sword in hand advances to meet it. It is a black dragon, smoke floating around its head. Seeing Solome, the dragon stops, as if waiting for her approach. Behind her a group of valor knights follows, protecting her back.
Solome stopped twenty feet from the huge black fire-breathing beast.

“What do you want, dragon?” She shouts at him, her voice firm.
The creature chuckles and slowly bows to the woman, its wings folded close to its body, his red eyes watching her with amusement.

“This dragon is much pleased to has the Lady Solome before him.” Quirking an eyebrow then looking crestfallen “ I’sa ams much sadden to arrives too late to helps Sir Goddard with this battle!” Smoke and small flames shot from his nostrils. “ I’sa wills finds the black knight and avenge thine sire, Lady Solome”

“You knew my father?” she stepped closer to the dragon, peering up into the creatures face.
“This dragon was much glad and honored to call Sir Goddard friend. Tis how it has been since this dragon was a spawnling in the nest. Sir Goddard’s ancestor once saved a nest with nestlings of one, which this dragon was, part of. Once this dragon grew his wings, tooks to the skies and became whats this dragon is, I’sa pledged an oath to yours family. I’sa would protect and serve as longs and as muches as this dragon was able.” The dragon paused, his reptilian eyes welled up with tears, voice choking “ I’sa failed Sir Goddard, much to my shame. I’sa will not fails the rests of his family.”

“What shame do you speak of, dragon?” Solome asked softly, moving closer towards the huge beast.

Head down so the beast could look into her eyes, he told her of how the black knights came to him claiming to be from Sir Goddard. They lured the dragon to a cave and tricked him. They chained the dragon to the wall in the cave, and laughing told him of the attack on Sir Goddard’s keep.

“Theys NOTS knows how to chains dragons. I’sa managed to get away from the chains but this dragon was too late to helps!” More tears fell from the beast’s eyes. Reaching out to touch the dragon on the forepaw Solome attempted to comfort him “ You did all you could, my father would understand” Wings softly enfold the woman in a dragons embrace.

“This dragon thanks you, Lady Solome. Your sire would speaks with pride of his younglings, especially yousa.” Feeling the compassion and comfort from the dragon, Solome finally let loose the grief she had been holding back. Her sobs muffled by the dragon wings went on until the darkness gave way to dawn.

“This dragon makes a life time oath to thee, Lady Solome, youngling of Sir Goddard, that I’sa will be friend and protector to yousa, ifs yousa wills accepts it. This I’sa swears bys this dragons blood.” His voice echoed across the battlefield and raised more into a roar “ This dragon shall avenge Sir Goddard and his male younglings. Lady Solome will always hasa this dragon by hers side.” Taking a taloned forepaw, the dragon dabs a digit into a torn piece of his wing that is dripping blood. He draws a symbol on Solome’s right hand, which she doesn’t recognize.

“What is it?” she asks him, watching as it sinks into her skin becoming permanent.

“This dragon gives his oath. The blood shows thisa.”

“I accept your friendship and protection, dragon” she pauses and
Puts her hand to the side of his face, she asks softly “ Do you have a name, dragon?”
“This dragon is shamed. The pledge to yousa Sire was Nots honored. This dragon’s name is nots to be spoken untils that honor are returned. So’s fors this time, I’sa be only the dragon” He bowed his head.
Smiling at the dragon she replied, “ So be it …………. Dragon”

Below is the continuing story of Solome and the dragon

Solome and The Dragon Leave Dark Siege

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