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Zone Maps

MapEldora Eldora Plains (north)
MapKijan Kijanamo Wild (south)
MapOland Oland Briar (north)
MapSaneri Saneri Rocks (south)

Name Ogalith (Titan)

Eldora Plains (North)
Kijanamo Wild (South)
Oland Briar (North)
Saneri Rocks (South)

Class Golem Golem
Level 100

Description From the burning depths of the Abyss, the Titan known as Ogalith rises. A giant being of stone and molten fire he knows only rage and destruction for the world since his corruption at the hands of the fell Shadow Lord.

Gold 96-96
Attack 625-625
Defence 391-391
Armour 1258-1258
Damage 835-835
HP 3378-3378
XP 0-0

First Strike 21 - 21
Piercing Strike 76 - 76
Reinforced Armour 5 - 5
Titan HP 3616 - 5013


Drops Ogaliths Fiery Grasp
Availability Epic - craftable
Type Gloves
Description Perfect
Min. Level 100
Max. Durability 100
Damage 325
Attack 325
Stamina 50
XP Gain 2

Critical Hit 35
Disarm 30
Dodge 40
Elite Hunter 100
Glory Seeker 35
Stamina Gain 2
Sustain 35


Eldora Plains/Kijanamo WildspawnmapOgalith2.jpg
Oland Briar/Saneri Rocks

Recommended minimum level - 150

Lv 150 Set 1-2 hit (based on unforged stats)

Cu Sith Claws
Vexus Royal Helm
Cu Sith Collar
Vexus Stinger Blade
Vexus Honor Scarred Plate
Cu Sith Lightning Guard
Jahd Ring
Boots of Queal
Cu Sith Rune of Command

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