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With Their Eyes All Aglow

An Ornithoid ought'en have a feathered friend of his/her own, so here I be: my friend Annmarie has gifted me with a clutch of genuine Crypt of Carnage Glowbird eggs. Look like five 60 watt bulbs, to me; but she assures me they will hatch in time into charming if mischievous pets (and emergency storm lighting.) Bundled them straightaway into the waiting incubator, and wrapped it in a Khel bearhide for xtra warmth. Now I just gotta wait. Will put the Essence Wurms for feeding in the ice to keep fresh.

After what seemed like *far* more than long enough, I got TIRED of waiting for these lazy creatures to hatch! I candled the eggs, and discovered three well developed chicks, which indeed looked like they were really sleeping overtime. Being frustrated, I cast about for any idea to wake them *UP.* Somehow black coffee didn't seem quite the thing… Fortunately, I remembered that before an egg hatches, it generally starts to rock. So, I put on some choice Beatles - voila! Rock Music! Now we were getting somewhere; and indeed, the eggs did begin to rock and roll about the incubator. And, finally: KEERRRAAACCKKK!!! The first shell burst open, and out tumbled a tiny, wet, glowing fuzzball. The first chick!! Within about half an hour, the other two had joined their more adventurous sibling. The first hatchling I named Blaze; the second, Firefly; and the third became Torchy. It was now breakfast time. :)

Hastily, I went and retrieved the Essence Wurms, who were shivering a bit but still quite vividly alight, and brought them over to my young charges. Firefly immediately opened his beak its very widest, beginning to frantically chirp, so he got the first one. And the second one. And the third one. And was still begging for more, but it looked to me as if his belly would burst if he had another crumb. Blaze ate two and tried to eat Firefly's wing and my talon, into the bargain; a feisty little bird girl, this!! Torchy was the hardest to feed, as he really was more interested in crawling up into my hand talon for a nice cuddle, but eventually I did manage to get him to accept two as well.

At last I had them all fed, and bundled them back into the incubator for a nap (Firefly insisted on ONE more Wurm first - and *don't* ask me how he found room for it!) Wrapping the incubator in its bearskin blanket, I reflected that this could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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